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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is 35

Me. Just me.
Every week I make myself a list of things to do. My day-to-day changes depending on whether I'm on call, back up, or off call. I'm not sure what I prefer; while on call there's a low level stress of being called to a birth at any time, but there are no scheduled appointments.

My off call week is full of postpartum hours and prenatal meetings and interviews. My back up week is the strangest week.. I don't have as many things scheduled but I might have to take the phone at any minute.

Sharing the on call schedule is amazing. We're able to take on a steady stream of birth doula clients (well, as steady as the unpredictable nature of birth can be) but still enjoy regular time off call.

Regular time off call lets me unwind. I feel the stress leave my body as soon as I switch the phone over Sunday evening. It's a relief to sleep knowing I won't be called away. I'm able to breathe deeply and fully immerse myself in whatever I'm doing.

Being off call also lets me write down everything that was swirling around my head the times I'm not near my computer. Sure, I can jot things down on my phone, but there's something about sitting down and letting my fingers fly over the keys. I love to write and I love having words to look back on.

For my birthday, I went back through this blog and read about my last few birthdays. What I read was a bit disappointing, so I'm so grateful that this year I was able to really enjoy myself.

They say that having babies and raising young children is all consuming and I'd have to agree, but slowly I'm learning to do more for myself. Just like I'm getting older, so too are my kids, and I'm more able to get out. To leave them. To dip my toes back into things just for me.

My happy making inspiration.
And what I've found is that I'm changing. What inspires me has changed. My core personality may have changed a little too. Case in point: I am not competitive where I used to be quite so. I got a Fitbit for Christmas. I've heard of people doing laps of their bedrooms late at night just to hit the magical 10,000 steps. I could care less.

I do love seeing all the stars for the amazing amount of sleep I'm getting. There is no denying I am an excellent sleeper. After years of being woken up multiple times a night, this is a big victory for me. And you, sleepless friend, your day will come. Babies eventually sleep.

Other eventualities are gray hairs. My 35th year brought a few gray hairs. At first they were hairs that had no pigment at all but now they are undeniably gray and there are more of them. My eye is drawn to them and I wonder about aging gracefully and whether I will. What does that even mean?

My 36th year is here and I have big plans! On top of figuring out how to age gracefully (whether that means covering up the gray or letting it slowly take over) and asking ridiculous questions on my blog, I'm going to make lots of money this year and have fun. Work hard and play hard.. good goals, right?

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