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Friday, February 19, 2016

Snowmageddon 2016

IMG_20160216_160123 (Medium)
J happy to be using his snow blower.
It's Friday! It hardly feels like it though with the week we had. They're calling it Snomageddon because over 50 cm of snow fell on Tuesday, breaking the record in Ottawa. Buses were cancelled and the city is still recovering from all the snow that fell.

Early Tuesday morning I found out I had to cover a postpartum shift so I drove the kids to school and headed across town. We've learned to put a clause into our contract to reschedule on days like that - I should not have been driving. It took twice as long to get to my client's house.. I spent a long time in the car that day.

But so did everyone. There were cars and buses stuck everywhere. Snow piles making it impossible to get into and out of parking lots. I managed to get back to my neighbourhood just in time for the end of school and made it home without getting stuck.

IMG_20160216_154532 (Medium)
Little K up on the mountain of snow.
J got home right after we did and spent a long time snowblowing and shoveling and helping push cars that got stuck in front of our house. It was crazy.

The city was scrambling trying to deal with all the snow that buses were cancelled Wednesday too. Makes sense: I don't think the buses would have fit through some of the residential roads around here. I drove the kids to school again because I had another shift during the day.

IMG_20160216_154529 (Medium)
Little J in the piles of snow.
Let me tell you I was happy to hear the buses were running yesterday. I missed chatting with the other parents at the bus stop after not seeing them for a week (long weekend + snow days) and I missed having a day to get stuff done around the house.

All this snow makes up for the lack of it earlier. It's a true winter wonderland out there.

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  1. Glad you survived - and that you got your car home! You are one of the lucky ones.

    I ended up walking home from work (downtown) because there were no busses and then walking to get my kids from daycare and sledding them home because there was no way a car was getting from side street to side street to get to daycare. What a week!