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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Little K's 5th birthday

I can't believe my baby girl is 5! Her birthday fell on a Wednesday this year so we had her party last weekend. On Valentine's Day. It's a good thing she likes hearts and pink.

The decorations.
And Hello Kitty. Little K wanted a Hello Kitty birthday. Done, baby girl. Whatever you want.

A few weeks ago I asked her who she wanted to invite. She listed off most of her 24 classmates. I know there are lots of families who throw enormous parties at places like Funhaven, Cosmic Adventures, and other indoor venues that can accommodate huge numbers, but our house is only so big. I made her pick 8 kids to invite. I figured we could handle 10.

We made her invitations and sent them off to school. Not everyone could come and we ended up with 8 little kids racing around. The decorations were a mix of hearts for Valentine's Day and white and pink for Hello Kitty. All the kids got to colour a Hello Kitty coluring page and then we played pin the bow on Hello Kitty. I'm pretty proud of my drawing.

Pin the bow on Hello Kitty game.
Little K was so excited so we opened presents. Don't you love when kids want the birthday girl to open THEIR present NOW! They all crowded around, shoving presents towards my poor girl who was getting overwhelmed. It was a mob of shrieking kids and then they started loudly singing a Christmas carol. Good times.

Present mob.

Beanie Boo love.

Little K was given some really nice things - a big Hello Kitty puzzle, a Minions playdough set, a kit to make owls that you can paint, and, her faves, two beanie boos!

This set kept the kids entertained for 3 hours!
After presents we brought out the heart-shaped cake and sang happy birthday.

Pretty heart cake.
Little K blowing out her candles.

Cake and snacks.
Hopped up on sugar, the kids raced around and played until their parents came. We said 4pm and I think everyone was picked up between 3:58 and 4:03. It was a mad rush, but no one left with a cute Hello Kitty loot bag full of Valentine's smarties, jelly beans and stickers.

Cute loot bags.
That was just the party. We also did dinner with J's family where Little K was given a nice dress, some fun beads, a lot of Shopkins, and the coveted carrot and broccoli stuffies from IKEA.

Introducing Carrie and Brocky.
My parents came over too. We're so lucky to have so many people around us to help celebrate our little girl.

Learning about Monster High.
On her actual birthday, Little K went to school and heard her name on the announcements. She got to go to the office and get a special birthday sticker. As soon as J got home, we gave her her presents (Lego, puzzles, a Skylander, and a Fur Real kitty) and then we went to St. Hubert for chicken dinner.

Opening presents.

There are a few more celebrations this week - dinner with friends, and some gifts to come in the mail. My little one is a lucky girl!


  1. I witnessed the present swarm at L's friend's birthday party. So the week after, at L's party, I kept things under control with name drawing for gifts :) It went over well, and the kid whose name was picked got to pick the next name!

    1. That's a great idea - I'm going to remember that for Little J's next birthday!

  2. Wow, and extravaganza! Sounds like a lot of fun.