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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Little K's 5th Birthday Questionnaire

Posing with her Fur Real Pug.

Every year on their birthdays, I ask the kids a set of questions. Here's what Little K had to say this year as she turned 5.

How old are you? Fou.. Five!
What's your name? K {she said her name}
Where do you live? Is it the street? I want to do the street. {she said our street}
What's your favourite colour? Uh pink!
What's your favourite food? Uh... hotdogs and sausage.
Who is your best friend? Um... my forever friend kitty. Fur real!
What's your favourite game? What's that game where you have to roll the clock thing then whichever one you it lands on you have to do that action. Charades.
What's your favourite TV show? Ah... Baby Jake (this took forever to come up with)
What's your favourite movie? Big Hero 6.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A medic.
What's your favourite animal? Kittens
What's your favourite book? Little Pea
Do you have a boyfriend? No.
What's your favourite song? Shake It Off
What's your favourite letter? K!
What's your favourite thing? Sandy!

Love her! Past questionnaires an be found here. I think my favourite is still from when Little K turned 2. Gah she was cute!

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