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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Getting into the groove... puzzling

There's this huge Lego/toy store West of Ottawa and two weekends ago, when my boys were passing by, they stopped. They were specifically looking for a present for Little K, whose birthday is tomorrow, but ended up getting me a present. A huge, 3000 piece puzzle.

I think J felt bad about denying my requests to go somewhere hot this winter and instead presented me with this drool-worthy beach scene. We got the edge pieces put together and realized the puzzle was about as big as half our dining room table.

We had to extend our table so we could have somewhere to eat.

I worked every spare moment, neglecting the laundry and my book and my favourite shows. My personality can be a little driven but not only that, I realized that I had an absolute deadline: we were planning Little K's birthday party on Sunday, 6 days after I started working on the puzzle.

A house full of 4 and 5 year olds and a huge puzzle just don't mix. So I worked and I worked. I pieced that thing together, slowly but determined, and did the tree trunk, the sand, then the clouds, water, and sky. The last areas were the darker trees and forest.

Every morning the kids would come down and marvel at my progress. Every night I would stay up late.

Friday I finally put in the last piece. I stood back and looked at the final product. You better believe I left that sucker sitting on the table for an extra day. I don't know when I'll ever do it again.

All done!

There's a big push to go back to things like colouring and puzzles, things that I did a lot of growing up. I can't quite get behind colouring, but puzzles are my jam, and according to my kids I'm really good at them. Though I think I'll stick to smaller ones so they're not so consuming, taking over my table and my life.

What about you? Are you a puzzler? Love adult colouring books? What will the next trend be you think?

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  1. You know I love the puzzles! I've never done a 3000 piece one though - with all that sand, sea, and sky I think this one you had is especially intimidating. I'm super impressed with you for finishing it!