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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Little J's tooth

Little J cried to me the other day:

"My tooth has been loose for TWO months. I don't want it to be loose for ANOTHER month."

He was upset. Tired of being the only one who hadn't lost a tooth.

Then him and J saw a video of a kid tying floss around a loose tooth and the other end to a nerf bullet. That bullet was then shot out of a nerf gun, taking the loose tooth with it. Genius, thought my boys. Cue the floss and nerf gun.

Tying the tooth.

Spoiler: it didn't work. Little J was sad.

The next day J does a "tooth test" where he pulls on the tooth with a kleenex. They're in the living room. I'm doing dishes in the kitchen and can see them.

Little J: It hurts!
J: That's because I have your tooth!
Little J: .....

Then he realized he had a hole in his mouth. He lost his first tooth! He started whooping and pumping his fist in the air. He couldn't believe it!

One happy boy!
Another kleenex to wipe up all the blood, and a fresh one to hold the little white nugget, but not before we examined it under the microscope.

Looking inside the tooth.

Little J has now lost a tooth. He happily went straight to bed that night because he couldn't wait for the tooth fairy. This is the boy who stays up 2-3 hours after "bedtime" most nights. Nope, straight to sleep.

New smile.
The tooth fairy left him a Twoonie. Lucky guy. And he's got another pretty loose one and a wiggly top tooth. The tooth fairy will be back in not too long I suspect.

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