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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hello 2016

I've read so many blog posts this month about resolutions or words to live by, recaps of 2015, and introspective why-blog-anymore-anyway posts. I've been meaning to write. I've had ideas and thoughts, resolutions and words pop in to - and out of - my head. I'm not sure what's going on exactly.


So far my 2016 has been full of full days with the kids (the first week before school was back on) and then a lot of work. I've been doing a lot of postpartum hours including my first overnight shift that threw me off for an entire day. Our first birth client of the year didn't deliver until earlier this week but then it was pretty busy.

Then there's this TV show I'm totally engrossed in, so much that I've been staying up late to watch just. one. more. episode and completely ignoring my book. It's Scandal if you're curious and I know I'm late to the game. I'm about half way through the 4th season and just thankful that Netflix makes binge-watching so easy.

But I have been reading: a page or two before I pass out at night. Two books done on my way to 50 this year. That's one of my goals. Again. To read 50 books this year. I did it last year and the year before.


I have other goals too but they aren't so cut and dry. No hard limits or definitions for most of them. I'd like to continue writing in this space. It's my space and my life and I've made so many connections over the years. Even though I've cut back I still get opportunities sent my way and I'd like to take the ones that mean the most to me, passing along those that don't fire me up.

I'm using my time writing for our business blog and am hoping to post there weekly. For whatever reason, it's so much easier for me to hit publish here. I'm also hoping to grow our social media accounts and that takes work. Every morning I find 4 things to post to our Facebook page. Twitter and Instagram are coming along.

All of that leads to making more money and booking more doula clients. That's a big goal. We have around 15 clients booked already for the year and I know that number will only grow. It's exciting!

Personally, I've been eating well and hope to maintain that as long as possible, and if anything, eat even better. I find I'm relying on protein bars a lot of the time. But I've made changes to my life when it comes to food. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate exercise into my life. I need to make it habit. I need to move my body more and that is so obvious now that I can see my active minutes on my Fitbit app. Since hurting my back I haven't really exercised. I feel weak and flabby. I want to feel toned and strong!

That's my biggest struggle, but also ongoing is organizing and getting rid of stuff. Our house feels cluttered. There is stuff everywhere and it's filling my vision and my mind. I can't Kon Mari my entire house because that's not the way I work, but I can do pieces here and there. Just today, I organized all the kids' Lego. That felt good.

I also have an list of house things to get done. You know, things that come up: nail pops that need to be painted over, closet door tracks that need to be put back on, this that has to be done, and that. I'm sure you know the drill.

In it all, there are words I want to remember. They came to me at a business training I took in the fall.


So I guess those are my words for 2016. No matter what I'm doing, I want to be doing it 100%. When I'm with my kids, I want to be focused on them 100%. When I'm writing, I want to write. When I'm working, I want to work.

Are you a person who makes new year's resolutions? Or do you use a word or three to focus yourself for the year?

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