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Monday, January 4, 2016

Disney Day at school

The pose!
It's a new year but I have a story to tell you from last year. Disney Day, which happened in December, was a weird choice for a spirit day at school, but we went with it. Little K was happy to wear her Cinderella costume, but it was harder with Little J. There are lots of male Disney characters, when you think about it, but not great ones. And none that appealed to my boy.

We put our heads together - and looked online - and landed on Jack Frost. Little J loves Rise of the Guardians and Jack Frost is so cool (no pun intended). We put together an awesome costume: blue shirt with snowflakes, spiky white hair, and the freezing stick. The kids raced through breakfast and tooth brushing because they were so excited.

All ready.
Just like before with the hair dye, kids made fun of him. Kids can be so mean. Apparently they laughed at his costume and grabbed at his stick. He was miserable all day.

Doesn't he look cool?
I don't know what to do. It seems like creativity and originality aren't acceptable when you're 6. I don't want my boy to be made fun of; I want him to fit in. But I want him to be himself.

When he got off the bus and was crying, we walked home in silence. I tried to pick up the pieces and cheer up my little man. I want to tell him that kids might make fun of him now but that being original and creative are skills that will get him far in life. It's a delicate balance apparently and one that we haven't quite figured out.

There will be more spirit days and more opportunities to follow the crowds or to do something different. I'm not sure what he'll choose next time.


  1. Ah elementary is a tough age. My oldest is creative and likes expressing herself through her clothing. Often she comes home saying someone didn't like her shirt or whatever. We've come to the conclusion that that's their problem! They aren't the ones wearing it! Tell your little guy his costume was awesome and SO creative!

    1. Did it take a while for her to grow a thick skin?

    2. Unfortunately it hasn't stopped but now instead of crying she just stopping letting negativity matter. It's hard because we are proud of the creativity and other kids may not understand it resulting in being mean which douses the flame in our creative ones. Keep encouraging him to shine K! :)

  2. Aww, that's not fun at all. I like that you and him were so creative and pulled off a great Disney character. I mean, you can't run out and buy costumes for every dress up day! It may be tough now, but his individuality and imagination will be unique and wonderful gifts for a lifetime. xo

    1. I sure hope so! I tell myself it's character-building, but it's so hard.

  3. So sorry to hear your son is having an ongoing issue with this at school. I think the Jack Frost costume is awesome and honestly don't see the issue, but getting picked on is hard (I went back and read your other post too).

    My eldest (now 6) has had two such issues - one in preschool and one last year. It's so tough as a parent to watch them struggle through it and not be able to figure out how to fix it. Last year, my daughter actually asked me to NOT talk to the teacher (we'd gone a few rounds by that stage without it getting resolved) and somehow (I'm still not clear how) resolved it herself, which made me so proud of her. No issues this year yet on that front.

    I hope this is a passing issue for him as well - and one that helps him be strong and okay with expressing himself - because that costume is COOL and he looks like a completely cool kid. - Louise