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Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas and New Years 2015


Like the rest of my life, Christmas is just getting better and better. It's probably a combination of things: the kids are another year older and more independent but still delightfully into the magic of the season. They go with the flow making a hectic schedule more manageable, but we limit our schedule and don't do the running around on Christmas Day that we've done in past years. We manage to have fun, to do our family things and see everyone, and to stay calm while doing it. It's miraculous.

Our Christmas season this year started back at the end of November when we put up the tree, or maybe even earlier, when J and the kids started singing carols on Halloween night. We decorated and wrote letters to Santa, we did activities and SAW Santa, there were Christmas concerts, gingerbread houses, and lots and lots of treats.
Ice cream and t-shirts on Christmas Eve. Crazy.
On Christmas Eve day J got home just after lunch. We had dinner with J's family and the kids got to open one present. They wanted to pick which one because they had forgotten that they get pjs on Christmas Eve, a tradition that I loved and wanted for my family. J and I had already finished our wrapping so we had a nice, relaxing evening, but he laughed at me the next day when I admitted I couldn't sleep well. I was too excited.

Treats for Santa and his reindeer.
It's the look on their faces when they see a full stocking, when they see the evidence that Santa came, that they exclaim over a gift they receive. Seriously, having kids makes Christmas so much better.

Opening stockings.

The kids in front of the tree.
We opened our stockings and went downstairs to the tree. After opening all the presents there J made chocolate chip pancakes.

Happy boy.
Happy pancakes.
The rest of the day played out like it usually does: J's parents come over for a bit, we spend a bit of time playing, and then we head out. We stopped at J's grandparent's house and then moved on to his parent's house where the big dinner was taking place. The day was full of presents, family, and food. I even sang along with the Christmas carols while washing dishes after dinner.

Playing with new toys.

Christmas carols after dinner with J's family.

Poor Little K wasn't feeling great so we had a pretty calm Boxing Day. We didn't spend a lot of time at home and Sandy the cat was quick to yell at us when we did get home.

Quiet playing.

We went to my parent's house twice.. once a last minute trip to see my extended family and the second for our big family dinner.
Dinner with my family.

Reading before bed.

We had a very green Christmas, and I mean that it had snowed once, lightly, earlier on in December. The grass was green and dandelions were popping up everywhere. It made for easy travel but it was tough getting into the Christmas spirit without the white stuff. So when it finally snowed we were all pretty excited. And did it ever snow! We went from green grass and 14C to over a foot of snow and -10C.

The kids, Little K especially, could not wait to get outside. In their new hats, with their new laser tag toy, the kids let loose in the backyard. I love that they're old enough that they can go out back by themselves.

New hats, laser tag and snow!

And of course there must be hot chocolate when coming back inside.

Hot chocolate in a real mug!

J took time off work and so he took Little J to see the new Star Wars movie. And even though the roads were awful, I took Little K to see the Chipmunks movie. At 4-almost-5 she likes the idea of movies but doesn't like to sit for that long. About an hour into the movie she was getting antsy. We made it through.

Little K at the chipmunks movie.

Me and my little girl at the movies.
With some friends this year, we decided that instead of exchanging gifts, we'd do something fancy so one evening we went out to the new Baton Rouge restaurant with our neighbours. It was nice trying out a new restaurant and catching up with them. The kids had a great time and filled their bellies with fries and ice cream.

The kids giggling about something at dinner.

New Year's Eve came along pretty quickly and we put together some last minute plans with friends. We met them at the sledding hill not far from our house and had a blast there. There were some tears, but it went well overall. Then it was back to our place for dinner, ice cream, presents and bed. We put all 4 kids to bed and played games until Little J's virus got the best of him. It's not a party until someone pukes, right?

J going down after Little K.
Good thing our friends understand. They packed up their girls and headed off. J and I tucked into bed to watch a documentary on murder (we know how to party) and both fell asleep before midnight.

Our New Year started off without any puking. It's impossible to know how long it'll last, but it's a good start. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. One of these days, J and I will have actual plans on New Years. Plans that involve getting dressed up and leaving the house. And maybe kissing at the strike of midnight. Until then we'll rock the comfy clothes and dinner in.

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