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Monday, January 25, 2016

Big Birthday Weekend!

Leading up to the weekend I was excited. It was my birthday Sunday and I knew there were some fun things planned. I had read back over my posts for my last few birthdays.. they were never super exciting, which is what happens when you get older I suppose. Normal but disappointing. Not this year!

I ask for a picture and this is what I get!

Friday was a PD day for the kids. J booked the day off and we all went to Funhaven! Funhaven is an indoor playplace not just for kids. J has been to just as many birthday parties there as the kids have actually. We played bumper cars, laser frenzy (where you have to make your way through a room full of laser beams), laser tag and arcade games. 

The rock climbing wall.

Little K couldn't make it very high.

Usually I hang back and watch J and the kids have fun, but not this time. Other than rock climbing I did it all and I have to say, bumper cars hurt. My spine and neck are sore after getting hit real good a few times. But it was so worth it - hearing the squeals of delight as the 4 of us spun around and whacked into each other. Going again and again because there was no one else waiting to go. 

Bumper cars!

Waiting for laser tag.

I got to see my parents and J's family and spend time with the kids. Little K had a birthday party and J had snow cross (car racing on an ice track) so Little J and I hung out. I bought him a Star Wars book and myself a puzzle. We wandered around Walmart and Chapters and chatted. 

Hanging out with my boy.

Family yoga.

J's sister SJ surprised us Saturday night and was there for dinner. And after a fun family yoga class in the afternoon, she took me out to dinner and then we went to the So You Think You Can Dance show at the National Arts Center. 

Annoying food picture.

So You Think You Can Dance is a reality dance show that I've been watching for ever. When the Canadian tour dates were announced and the Ottawa show was on my birthday I told J that I HAD to go! The tickets were a Christmas gift and the show was AMAZING! Man, I wish I could dance.

Crazy fun dance show!

I got home late and crawled into bed and now it's Monday morning. J is at work and the kids are at school, and I'm catching up on everything I didn't do this weekend (laundry, cleaning, groceries), and I don't even care. That's what an amazing weekend will do to a girl.

1000 pieces, together at last.

Happy birthday to me! 

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  1. This is also my personal dream birthday weekend - big fun, family, food, puzzles, and Dance Show :). I was at SYTYCD as well and it was so great - sign me up for every one of their live tours, ever! So glad to hear you didn't hold back and indulged on your birthday weekend!