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Monday, December 21, 2015

Visiting Santa

Santa picture.
Last year we didn't take the kids to see Santa. Truth was, they didn't want to go so it would have purely been a photo op and not a fun one at that. So we decided to skip it. We would have skipped it this year too except they asked to go.

I still wasn't sure either kid would be keen once we got there and reality set in. I get it - I wouldn't want to sit on some old man's lap either.

On recommendation from some women in my neighbourhood we went to Billings Bridge and I'm so glad we did! The set up was great and the line up wasn't too long. The hardest part was the super loud barking from all the dogs in line. I'm not kidding - there were 6 or 7 dogs waiting to see Santa.

When it was their turn, the kids ran over and hopped up onto Santa's lap. I was so amazed they were actually doing it that I didn't pay attention to what they were talking about. They told us after that Santa asked what they wanted for Christmas and said to leave out milk and cookies for him.

White milk and chocolate chip cookies, please!
The kids were each given a Christmas mouse (which have turned into Mouse-on-the-Shelf mice) and were completely thrilled with the whole experience. I'm happy that we didn't force them just to get a picture with the big guy and that it was something they really wanted to do.

Christmas mice.
If the kids want to go again next year, we'll be going back to Billings Bridge. Did you take your kids to see Santa?

Disclaimer: That's not an affiliate link nor was I asked to post this. Though if Billing Bridge would pay me to bring my kids to see Santa, I wouldn't say no!

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