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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tis the season for Christmas concerts

With Little K in school this year, J and I had two Christmas concerts to watch! First up was Little K's JK performance. We arrived at the school with hoards of other parents, piled into the little classroom and parked our butts on teeny chairs.

The kids were brought in and were so adorable.

Little K NOT singing.
They sang all their Jolly Phonics songs (songs that go with each letter they've been learning). Little K didn't sing a word.

They sang a snowflake song. Little K didn't sing a word.

The French teacher had them sing 3 or 4 French songs. Little K didn't sing a word.

They all sat down and played their instruments. Little K hardly banged on her drum.

During the party after she was so proud of herself. Too funny!

It was so nice to see the kids she always talks about and have her show us around her classroom. We got to chat with her teacher as well which was nice because we didn't have a parent-teacher interview with him this year. Little K is doing well and he confirmed that she actually does sleep at quiet time.

We left her at school so she could take the bus home with her brother and when she got off the bus she was all smiles.

Walking home with Dad.
This week, Little J's concert was on Tuesday. It was a much bigger affair with all the grade 2 classes reciting a poem together then each class had their own song. Little J's was a hip one and they all wore sunglasses. It was cute, but like his sister, he hardly sang or did the actions. J and I kept giving him the thumbs up from the audience and he was happy with his performance.

Don't they look good?

Christmas concerts aren't something I thought I'd enjoy, but I do. I really do.

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