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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The last of our advent activities

I have to say that I didn't do so well on our advent activities this year. It was a struggle and some days were bad, but we made it. The kids are at J's parent's house right now for a sleepover and tomorrow is Christmas Eve so the lovely open-a-present tradition that I started takes care of that.

Plus the two Halloween boxes of Smarties the kids tucked in the advent tree back at the beginning of the month.

We did have some fun and by fun I mean mostly that we ate a lot of snacky food. Dipped marshmallows, pretzel treats, rice crispie squares, and cookies. My body isn't exactly liking all this sugar but the kids are!

It's getting late so I'll leave you with the pictures.

24th - Smarties and open 1 present
23rd - Sleepover
All set for their sleepover!
22nd - Decorating cookies

Little K helped me make icing.

Little J LOVED this!
21st - Wrapping presents
20th - Christmas nails

Little red and green nails.
19th - Skating

Hilarious picture!
18th - Disney Day at school, popcorn and a movie after school
17th - Finishing Christmas cards
16th - Gingerbread house

Crazy kids.
15th - Christmas cards for classmates

Little K's penguin cards.
14th - Candy cane Oreos
13th - Wrapping presents
12th - Swimming
11th - Christmas Rice Crispies

Little K loves hers.
Little J digging in.
10th - Pretzel treats: a Hershey kiss melted on a pretzel with an M&M put on top. Salty and sweet and perfect.

Make these.
Round up of the first half of the month.

9th - Visiting Santa

Best one yet!
8th - Brownies with fun sprinkles
7th - Letter to Santa
6th - Dipped marshmallows
5th - Christmas parade
4th - Read Christmas books
3rd - Watch Rudolph
2nd - Santa craft
1st - Light up Christmas trees

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