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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Happy with his green hair.

We talk about strength in terms of how heavy we can lift or how fast we can run. But what makes a kid strong? I'll tell you because I saw it this morning.

My son, he's 6 and in grade 1. Yesterday morning he asked if I would put hair chalk in his hair. Of course I said yes. It's colourful and fun and we hadn't done it since the summer. We have blue, white, red and pink. He had colour all over his head. He went off to school happy.

It wasn't on my mind when I stood on the side of the road, waving at the two little faces looking out at me as the bus pulled away. The hair chalk didn't cross my mind as I went about my day - meeting at the bank, business meeting with my partners, lunch, errands, internetting - until it was time to get the kids off the bus.

Little K hops off the bus and bounds into my arms (love bouncing, bubbly kids after school!) but Little J dragged himself off the bus, head down. I asked him what was wrong but he wouldn't say. We had a slow walk home.

At home he finally told me through tears that kids laughed at his hair.

This isn't the first time I've had a teary boy after school. That was two years ago in JK when kids laughed at Little J's nail polish and called him a girl. Last year there was the pink shirt incident on picture day. So while I wasn't expecting it, it didn't come as a complete shock.

Kids are mean.

And that's exactly what I told my boy. They laughed at him because he did something different. I told him I liked his hair and thought it looked great. I distracted him with a joke and we went about our afternoon with writing letters to Santa and dinner and bath and books and bed.

J and I were watching tv when I heard a little "Mom!" from his room. I went into the dark and Little J said that we should call him a nitwit because he wanted hair chalk. The tears are threatening to fall and his lip is quivering. Again, I told him that he's allowed to wear whatever and put colour in his hair if that's what he wants. It shows he's a fun guy. I gave him a hug and told him to go to sleep.

This morning I was surprised when he asked to put his bright green hair gel in. Of course I did though I asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted.

He did. He wanted to have fun green hair today with a bit of pink on the sides.

You knock my kid down, sure he might cry, but he gets back up and he does what he wants. That boy is strong. And his hair looks awesome.

I posted about this on Facebook and got a lot of comments from friends whose kids have also been picked on - one was told he was fat, one was made fun of for sounding out a word while working. I am trying so hard to make my kids aware that differences exist and to never make fun of other kids for what they're wearing or how they look. I really hope Little J remembers the hurt so that he thinks twice before doing that to somebody else.

He may not be the most popular kid, but he'll be a good kid.

A strong kid.

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  1. Applauds to your little man for standing back up again! My oldest still goes through her peers picking at her for doing things different and I tell her that's what makes you YOU! Dare to be different. If they don't understand or like it that's their problem and they can get over it! I agree kids are mean.