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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Postpartum doula training

Toronto Trip Sunset
Beautiful sunset on the 401 between Ottawa and Toronto.
Part of being a doula is the never-ending learning. Even without courses and trainings, I learn something new every time I meet with a client, every time I attend a birth. Every client that hires me has something to teach me.

I like that passive learning, the learning that happens by simply showing up. It's amazing the things that come up depending on the situation and who's in the room.

Then there's active learning, like reading articles online, listening in on conversations in Facebook parenting groups, and the trainings that I pay to attend.

My main focus is birth. I've trained and certified as a birth doula with DONA, one of the biggest and most well known doula certifying bodies in the world. I've worked with clients during pregnancy helping them prepare for labour, stayed with them through the process and helped celebrate the birth of their baby. I normally see my clients once after baby is born, but so many people need more than just a short postnatal visit.

Enter the postpartum doula. These doulas are trained (and maybe certified) to work with mothers and families after the birth of the baby. They go into homes and help the new family get established. This help can come in many forms, but most often it's helping with the baby, establishing routines, helping with meal prep or light house work, helping with older children, and often with breastfeeding the new baby.

To be honest, it's not what I feel called to do, but I do see the value. And I do see how the work fits in so well with birth work. It's because of that that I decided to get trained as a postpartum doula. I travelled with one of my business partners to Toronto for a day long course back in September, this time with Pro Doula.

Pro Doula is a newer certifying body based in the US that focuses on the business side of working as a doula. Not only were we taught information and skills to help support clients, we were taught valuable tools to run our business.
Toronto Trip Street
Beautiful Toronto neighbourhood where our training took place.
My whirlwind trip consisted of a 5-hour drive to Toronto, a night's sleep in a dingy, damp hotel room, 10 hours of training, a parking ticket, and a 5-hour drive home. It was intense but so worth it. The training was only one part of the experience, the connections we made with other doulas (mostly from the Toronto area) and the time spent chatting about our business made up the rest.

Toronto Trip Moon
The late night drive home.
I'm excited to share that National Capital Doulas is now offering postpartum support! We have our first clients and look forward to supporting more and more. This is a big opportunity to learn and grow, two things I hope to always be doing in my career.

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