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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Little J and his booster seat

Fun pattern on our new boosters.
I guess when you're 6 and all of your friends are in booster seats, and you're still rocking a convertible car seat, you get a little jealous. The thing is, my kids aren't beefy: they're long and lean, and you have to be 40 pounds for a booster. Little J hit 40 pounds in the summer but would go between 39 and 41 so we put him off until this past weekend.

J took a very excited little man to Kiddytown, a local store where you can try the seats in your car, to look at boosters. This was a whole new ball game for us and I hadn't researched the options. I'm still blissfully unaware of the different types and things to look for in a booster. Thankfully J did some research and the boys came home with not one, but two, new booster seats.

Why two? Well, now we have a booster seat and a car seat in both of our cars (out family cars I mean: the white car and the silver car). For the first time since having kids, we have two cars with car seats. And the kids have asked repeatedly to go places in the silver car. It's not the more expensive car, but it's new to them so it's exciting.

I'm happy for this milestone and Little J is super happy.

Happy boy in his booster.

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