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Thursday, December 3, 2015

J's Birthday

J Birthday Cake
Totally professional cake.
I would be a bad partner if I didn't post about J's birthday (even if it was 3 months ago) (sorry babe!) It's funny how we get older and our focus shifts. Being parents we do most everything for our kids and our needs and wants get shoved to the side.

J Birthday Presents
Present opening.
It's no different with birthdays and to be honest I can't remember what we got for J but I do remember trying hard to make him feel special on his birthday. And I think it's really important to get the kids thinking about other people - what would Dad like for his birthday? - and seeing what they come up with. A lot of the time they can only come up with things they like!

J Birthday Family
Everyone likes cake though! Happy (very belated) birthday to J!

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