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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December and the beginning of Christmas madness

So all of a sudden it's December. My days are full of getting the kids ready to school, cramming in work and errands and groceries during the day, picking the kids up and trying to keep everyone alive until dinner, feeding everyone, books, bedtime, and finally some time to myself. I forgot to mention making lunches. Is anyone else so done with making lunches?

But. But! It's almost Christmas and with Christmas comes a bit of a break from the regular routine. Whoo!

With Christmas also comes advent activities. The last few years, instead of getting one of those cheap chocolate-a-day calendars, I've been putting a note in each day of our wooden advent calendar. The note has an activity on it. The activities can be anything really, though most are Christmas-themed, and I'm happy that the kids seem to really like it.

They are so excited for Christmas this year and we ended up putting the tree up, which is usually one of our first activities, before it was actually December. J helped with the tree and then we sat back while the kids put on all the ornaments.
Dressed in red.
Last year Little J put the star on so this year was Little K's turn and the little ham was so happy!

My little family.
We put it in the corner of the dining room this year which is really working well. The only furniture rearranging we had to do was to move the table over a bit.. not bad!

Shining bright.
For our first advent activity, I was out looking for a timer for our outdoor lights, when I found these cute glowing Christmas trees. They came in a pack of 2 so I grabbed them. I wrote a cheesy note: For you from me, open the bags under the tree! and the kids rushed over to the tree to find their trees. Little J put his on his windowsill, turns it on at night and is sure Santa will find him now. Win!

Glowing Christmas trees.
Little K had really wanted to do a craft so I went through my Christmas board on Pinterest and found a cute Santa craft. The kids had fun picking out eyes and a nose while I cut up the pieces for their Santas. Once the glue dries, we'll put them up on our festive wall.

Santa Claus craft.
The festive wall is between the kitchen and living room where we showcase some of the kids' things. They've already coloured and cut out some Christmas-y things so it'll be fun seeing what they come up with. And me too... 24 days of activities is a lot, but at least they're happy with simple crafts and some days are already figured out for me with a parade or Christmas concert.

Tell me in the comments.. do you do anything like this with your kids? Have you seen all the crazy advent calendars you can get these days?

_MG_4271.CR2 (Medium)
Our advent calendar.


  1. Oooh, I love those little glowing trees! Where did you get them? Also - great pics in this post, festive and fun and pretty at once :).

    1. Thanks Lynn! I found them at Canadian Tire. I think they're cute!