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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Advent activities

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Our advent calendar.
We've been trucking along with our advent activities. We started off by decorating the tree early, giving the kids a mini light-up tree for their rooms, and doing a Santa craft (a Pinterest win actually). That was all in my last post.

An elf Little drew, coloured and cut out.
I'm glad we're not an elf family because coming up with these activities every day is challenging. Coming up with ridiculous things for an elf to do and make a mess of (that I then have to clean up) would be too much. I'd be the laziest elf parent ever. I'm keeping the Christmas spirit alive by not having an elf.

Some days I dial it in, like last Thursday when I thought it was Friday - a good indication that it's been a long week - and I made the kids popcorn and put on Rudolph for them. We fastforwarded the scary parts (they're scary) and the songs (boring, according to Little J).

Oh Rudolph and your language.

On real Friday, I brought up all the Christmas books we have and let the kids read to their hearts content. Watching them learn how to read is so fulfilling. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling I get when they take books to bed and fall asleep reading. It makes me happy. But it's more than that. Knowing that a whole world is opening up to them is incredible. 

Little J reads to his sister so I don't have to!
We have a big pile of books so he was there for a while.

Saturday our activity was done for us: Manotick's Santa Claus Parade is a tradition and the weather was perfect! No need for snow pants even. We had a great time. Little K was the cutest: stuffing all the candy canes she was given into her coat pockets. Turns out she doesn't even like candy canes and she gave them all away to a friend she had over for a playdate and her brother. 

The big guy!
No snowpants, and J is in his spring jacket!

We made the most of our weekend with the parade and some playdates for the kids. Sunday evening we had friends over for dinner. They've never been over and I'm never sure how that's going to go, but the kids played well together and the adults had some great conversations. After dinner we introduced them to dipped marshmallows. 

That's a lot of excitement!

This is a favourite around here. You put marshmallows on skewers, dip them in water, and then in sprinkles. Red and green sprinkles because it's Christmas-y. The kids loved them and we loved watching the sugar high play out.

The day before yesterday I went through my list from last year and realized we hadn't written our letters to Santa so I got two printed out (Canada Post has templates on their website) and the kids proudly filled them out, addressed the envelopes, and we mailed them off the next morning. It was fun seeing their answers - the template has questions about their best friend, favourite game and cookie, and others. Little K copied her brother with wall ball as her favourite game, and named a classmate as her best friend. 

Fun writing process when you can print all by yourself.
Addressing the envelopes.
Little J had a bad day so it was hard to get him to smile.
Little K is so proud of her letter.
Yesterday I was thinking we could make Rice Crispie squares, but I didn't realize you need butter (not something we have in the house normally) so we made brownies instead and put fun sprinkles on top. Well, Little J did. Apparently Little K doesn't like sprinkles. She's a funny girl.

Mixing the batter.
Licking the spoon!

I'd say I'm doing okay so far with the Christmas advent activities. I have a list of activities so it's just a matter of figuring out what to do when and hoping the kids like my ideas.

Funny guys.
I'll leave you with an outtake from our Christmas card pictures.

1st - Light up Christmas trees
2nd - Santa craft
3rd - Rudolph movie
4th - Read Christmas books
5th - Christmas parade
6th - Dipped marshmallows
7th - Letter to Santa
8th - Brownies with fun sprinkles

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! I will look into the letter templates - they look great and fun for the older kids, too. For Rice Krispie Squares - if you still want to make them, you can just substitute an equal amount of oil (canola, corn, whatever) for the butter - that's what we do here for the milk-allergic. It works fine.