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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spooky Halloween


It's Day 2 of my business course. I learned a lot yesterday but am looking forward to a day off. Did I mention I was at a long birth late last week? I was so happy to sleep in my bed Friday night and again last night. Being off call is so nice.

While I'm off, bring on the writing! I think I say this every year, but this year was the best Halloween! The kids were so excited and couldn't wait, mostly for the candy, but also for the decorations, the costumes, and the trick-or-treating. And Halloween was on a Saturday, which is absolutely perfect. Can we just make it the last Saturday of October from now on? Please?

Adorable pumpkins.
I don't know where they got the idea but the kids wanted to make Halloween cards for their classmates so I dutifully cut up orange pumpkins that they decorated. Little K still hasn't given them out but they've been in her bag since. On Friday, upset that she keeps forgetting, she wrote a note for her teacher saying "I keep forgetting to hand out my cards." It's the cutest thing.

Super cute.
Since Friday was the last day of school before Halloween it was costume day so Thursday the kids wore these Halloween shirts.

Getting in the spirit.

Normally I'd decorate during the day with the kids, or at least with Little K last year, but this year I'm by myself while they're at school so we decorated after they got home. We got our favourites up: a huge spider web on the ceiling, cobwebs on the brick outside, and other things here and there. The excitement was building.

Day of the Dead stuffies.

A vampire and Frankenstein (their own creations).
A trip to the pumpkin patch on Thanksgiving weekend and we had our pumpkins.  We only carved them Saturday night and chose a creeper from Minecraft for Little J's little pumpkin and Hello Kitty for our big one. Little K's little pumpkin didn't get carved.

Earlier in October I went through the costumes the kids both had in their closets. Little J was set: he had a fireman costume, Spiderman and Ironman. Lots of choices. Little K on the other hand, had only a Cinderella costume that she'd never really liked. But she seemed keen on wearing it to school on Friday.

Friday morning the kids could hardly eat they were so excited. They scrambled through breakfast and teeth brushing to get into their costumes. Little J decided on Ironman with Spiderman gloves and a fireman hat. Little K happily got dressed up as Cinderella and they were off to school.

Happy kids.

Someone posted in a neighbourhood Facebook group about Costco having costumes on sale so I went and found two that Little K might like and bought them. I figured if she didn't like them, I could always sell them. She was head over heels for the witch costume and ended up wearing that Saturday night.

Trick or treating costumes.

Hello Kitty and a Creeper.
Again, the kids were so excited that they rushed through dinner and got dressed and ready to go. J decided to stay home and hand out candy while I took the kids around the block. I brought a bag and held all the chips while their buckets got full of candy and chocolate. It was the littlest bit cold and Little K's hands were getting cold after about an hour so we headed home.

Not our decorations.
We had fun and saw neighbours and no one cried. And we've been happily eating candy ever since. Like I said, best Halloween yet! Hope you had a good one too. Parents: did you dress up? I never do and always wonder if I should.


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