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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Remembrance Day

The kids' school did a great job teaching the students about Remembrance Day. Despite having a lot of family members in the military, we hadn't yet talked to the kids about Remembrance Day when Little J came home talking about poppies and soldiers. He also came home singing.

Remembrance Day Poppy
Poppy and soldier.
I think at 6 he's starting to understand what Remembrance Day means and both kids picked out their clothes days ahead of time. Getting them ready yesterday morning was so easy because they were excited.
Remembrance Day Kids
Happy kids ready for Remembrance Day.
J works for the government so he had the day off which allowed us both to attend the school's ceremony. They had two actually, one for the older grades and one for the younger ones. It was standing room only when we got to the gym.

The ceremony started with the band playing O Canada and words from the VP and the MCs. Then we heard from an active member of the forces and one of the student's dads. It was touching. My favourite part was watching kids stand when they weren't supposed to, and hear babies gurgling in seats nearby... those kids did so well sitting for so long.

The choir sang, an SK class sang, and the grade 2s sang. Little J is in a class with mostly grade 2s so he stood up and belted out a Celine Dion song in French, the song he had been practicing for days. I got emotional knowing what this meant to him and even though I could hardly see my little guy, I knew he was singing his heart out.

I had to leave before the end to get to a client's house, but I was so impressed by what I saw and I'm thankful for everything the school has done to impress on our kids the importance of the day.

Remembrance Day K
Poppy on!
Lest we forget.

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