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Thursday, November 19, 2015


IMG_20150911_213924 (Medium)
Pastel dots before firing.
Color Me Mine is a nice little studio on Merivale near where Target used to be. They often have deals on Groupon so that's how my friend S and I ended up there one night. This was a while ago and I painted a piggy bank for Little K and S made a cookie jar for her family. It's cathartic - picking out the piece and the colours of paint, and the actual painting.

When another deal came up on Groupon this summer I grabbed it up hoping S would be up for another night out. We waited until the day the deal expired (of course) and went. This time I wanted to make myself another dotted mug and S wanted to replace the mug she painted back in 2011 when we first went pottery painting at a different location.

IMG_20150911_211934 (Medium)
All the colours to choose from.
We had a great time and I'm so happy with my mug! I need to go back!

IMG_20150919_092559 (Medium)
Bright and bold dotty mug.

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  1. I've passed by this place so many times! Should try it sometime soon, that looks like a ton of fun.