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Friday, November 13, 2015

Little Silver ~ Adding to the fleet

IMG_20150825_170205 (Medium)
Gray-scale cars.
This is what happens when you like cars: you get more. Sometimes. I told you recently about test driving a Cruze and in that post I mentioned that we had another car, a Yaris. Here's why we got it.

That white car is a Subaru WRX and is our family car. It has room for all of us and it's where the kids' carseats live. We bought it brand new in 2011.

The black car is the Miata. It's a 2-seater, non-family car that J races in the summer. It spends the winters tucked away in the garage.

Not pictured is the Mazda 323 we bought last year as a second car for the winter. J used it for ice racing last year and broke the front axle. The axle has since been fixed and the car will race on the ice again this year, but it is no longer road-worthy, leaving us with one car for the winter

Hence the Yaris. We scooped this car up quick and for pretty cheap. It's our running-around-town-without-kids car so it's the car I use during the day and for when I go see clients. J uses it when he goes out in the evenings. It's small and cheap on gas and smells like wet dog. The keyfob is half-broken and the trunk doesn't open BUT the car works!

And that is how we ended up with a fleet of vehicles.

Our car history:

Pre-2005 - J drove a 1992 Saturn and I had Lumi, a 92 Chevy Lumina. They were both getting old but we loved them.
2005 - We bought our first car together. A brand new, dark grey, 2005 Mazda 3 sedan.
June - July 2007 - 1987 Mazda RX-7. Hello and goodbye. J was driving and slid into a lamppost and that was the end of that car.
November 2008 - We traded in the 3 for a Yaris and went from automatic transmission to manual. This was when I finally learned to drive stick.
January 2010 - We bought another Mazda 3. This time a medium gray hatch with a manual transmission. J used this car for autocross.
November 2010 - We got rid of the Yaris.
July 2011 - We had been using the 3 as our family car but decided to upgrade to the Subaru.
October 2012 - We sold the 3 and bought the Miata within about a week. I think J was worried he wouldn't have a race car.
November 2014 - We bought the 323 as a second winter car and for ice racing.
Summer 2015 - We bought the silver Yaris as a second car.

While I don't think we're typical, I do think that people are owning more cars these days. On that note, what kind of car do you drive? What would you drive if money wasn't a consideration?


  1. We have a Nissan versa we bought new in 2010 (not much option to buy used where we live) and it's the non-peppy suburban-mobile you imagine it is! We all fit in it and we use a roof box to go camping or travel around. If money wasn't an issue, not kidding, I'd have a fat bike. Sooooo nice.

    1. A motorcycle? I would never have guessed that about you!

  2. In High School I had an automatic '89 Ford Probe. Then upgraded to a manual '90 Ford Probe a year later. Got into an accident in my first year in University and ended up buying a '96 Mitsubishi Eclipse (loved that car). That car stuck around for a while. After I married, we needed to start thinking about a car that is suitable for car seats and bought a new 2010 Mazda 3 sedan. I eventually sold my Eclipse and started taking public transit to work. That's not going so well, so I'm buying a used 2007 VW Golf next week.

    If money wasn't a consideration, I really like the Subaru WRX STi, the new Subaru BRZ and those new Scions (FR-S and tC) are pretty neat as well. I'd throw in some sporty motorcycle into the mix for the summer as well.

  3. We've never bought a new car in our whole relationship! I was gifted my grandfather's car when he was dying from cancer (my grams doesn't drive), then got a new/used car after someone wrote that one off in an accident. Then have been gifted 2 of our in-laws old cars!! We've been lucky...never had a car payment!