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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Little K's First Haircut

Haircut Bow
So normally these first haircuts happen when the kids are babies or a year. Well, Little K is closer to 5 than 4 and she finally had her first haircut.  She had been asking for a while, but she really didn't need one.

Haircut Bun
Ballet bun!
Her hair is all different lengths with some really long pieces coming from the crown of her head, it's blonde and neither straight nor curly.

Haircut Wild
Neither curly nor straight.
I straightened it for her one day and it was obvious just how long it had gotten.

Haircut Before
Long locks.
But she desperately wanted it cut, so I grabbed some scissors and I cut off the ends. I basically just made it all the same length.

Haircut After Ponytail
A wee ponytail.
No one at school the next day noticed so that night I cut more off. Little blong wisps covered the bathroom floor, but the smile on my little girl's face made it all worth it.

Haircut After Busstop
The best picture I have of her shorter hair.
She loves her hair shorter. It's not the biggest change but it makes her hair look fuller.

Haircut After
Straightened and with clips!
And she's happy. I can't complain about that.

Haircut After Ponytail
Happy little ponytail girl.
We cut Little J's hair just after his first birthday because he had the curliest mullet you've ever seen! How old was your kid when they got their first cut?


  1. L was about 14-16 months, and E was 16 months :)

    1. L just needed a trim to make it even (and tame her side bang), but E couldn't see anymore :P