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Friday, November 6, 2015

Healing from injury and getting back to it ~ Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday is a way of keeping myself accountable. When I was mentally and physically done the last couple of weeks, guess what was the first thing to go? Exercise. In my defense, my back was a hot mess and I could hardly sit without crying out in pain, but why is it that taking care of myself falls off my radar first? That needs to change.

There are two parts to being fit: eating and exercise. During my challenge this summer (during July and August I took part in - and won! - a fitness challenge) I learned a lot about food. I used My Fitness Pal to track everything I ate, received feedback, and learned to build a solid menu for the day including 6 meals that had at least 15g of protein but less than 15g of fat. I worked with a trainer (Sophie from Muscle Bound Fitness) and also exercised 3 times a week.

Lately I've been doing nothing more than walking to the bus stop twice a day to drop off and pick up the kids and I've relaxed my eating plan. To be honest, it's the tracking that kills me. I'm pretty okay with what I have to eat and what I can't fit into my macros (meaning my carb, fat and protein targets for the day). I haven't had any pop since starting the challenge in July and have had only a half can of cider, but having Halloween candy in the house has been hard.

My fitness plan got derailed because of my back.
What I did was take a week off from tracking my food. In that week I ate pretty much the way I have been, but definitely ate more carbs and less protein. I basically ate more like I used to, like most people do I think. Now I am back on track and have my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I would really like to maintain the weigh loss I achieved during the challenge. I like how my body looks and feels at this weight.

And now that my back seems to be getting better, I am going to focus on strengthening the muscles of my back and my core. I am very conscious of how I'm bending over and lifting things and am very aware of how I'm moving and how it might affect my back. Next week I will start doing my HIIT exercises again. I will probably start with going through the exercises once instead of twice or three times just to get back into it and make sure my back can handle it.

I think everyone needs a break now and then and hurting my back just made me take one. If my mental state is any indication, I NEED to exercise, and I need to take care of my body while I do it.

While I slowly increase my activity level I'm thinking of some goals to set. For example, I'd really like to be strong enough to do a bunch of push ups in a row. I'd also love to be able to do a handstand and a cartwheel. When I did a cartwheel to show the kids this summer, I thought I broke both my shoulders. I'd also like to do yoga so I'm going to work on getting to a yoga class once a week.

Those are my challenges and where I'm at. I feel a bit like I'm starting over but I'm optimistic that I can do this.

I'm linking up with Kriss from Canadian Girl Runs and hoping to use this as a way to motivate myself and keep myself accountable. I would love to hear where you are on your fitness journey.

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