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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The idea that J has every second Monday off is amazing. I often dream about the things we could do together. At first, it was a chance for him to be with the kids and for me to have a break. Now that both kids are in school full time, it's a chance for us to spend time together during the day: a rare occurrence!

For some reason, we haven't had a whole lot of incredible days together since school started. I'm not sure why, but that was remedied not long ago when we went to IKEA together! I know, right? We are pretty exciting people.

But a trip to IKEA without kids was just what we needed. We strolled through the enormous store armed with our list: a mattress, bedding and a pillow for Little K's second bunk. When Little K was ready for a big bed we bought a set of bunkbeds but only ever put together one bunk. Then when we took out the carpet and put in hardwood, the second bunk, which had been stored under her bed, was in the basement and we weren't sure where we'd store in (pieces of wood on the brand new hardwood floors wasn't all that appealing). That's when we decided to build the second bunk.

We found everything we needed and had fun racing down the aisles on the carts and climbing shelves - J, not me.. can you spot him in this picture?

Bunkbeds Shopping J
Gotta get up there to reach!
We got the bed put together before the kids got home from school. They were both so excited, but I think the happiest of all is Sandy the cat who spends every morning sleeping on Little K's bed in the sunshine.

Bunkbeds Room
Now the kids are able to have sleepovers in the same room but in their own beds and eventually Little K can have a friend sleepover and not have to sleep on the floor. She just had her first drop-off playdate so sleepovers with friends are years away, but still! Her room is ready!

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