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Saturday, October 24, 2015

What's bugging you? ~ Bugs Outside the Box

People are either grossed out or fascinated by bugs. Agree? I think they're cool... from a distance. The problem with that is that I can't get close enough to appreciate the intricacies of these special creatures. Well, leave it to the Museum of Nature to bring out the details.

Bugs Outside the Box is the new exhibit, which runs through until the spring, and instead of giving us all magnifying glasses to get a good look at the bugs, they've supersized them! Sixteen larger than life sculptures are the first thing you see upon entering. Done by an Italian sculptor, these enormous bugs show off the fine details of even the littlest bugs.

IMG_20151021_105752 (Medium)
Huge butterfly.

IMG_20151021_105828 (Medium)
Small and big.
My favourite part of the exhibit were the beautiful displays. There is something so pleasing about the patterns and colours... mesmerizing.

IMG_20151021_103215 (Medium)
Colourful bugs and butterflies.
Further into the exhibit are the pinned and live species including a lot of different types of beetles and monarch butterflies. Scientists were on hand at the preview to answer any questions and to show off some of their favourites. My heart jumped out of my body when this green Jungle Nymph fell out of his hand. I was happy to know that the females can't really fly and that her main defense is to fall to the ground. Thankfully the male, who can fly, was safely locked in his terrarium!

IMG_20151021_104611 (Medium)
Jungle Nymph.
IMG_20151021_105005 (Medium)
Monarch butterflies.
This exhibit, like so many at the Museum of Nature, has parts that are perfect for kids. There's a spot where you can see how your jumping skills compare to a grasshopper and another area where you can roll dung like a dung beetle!

The grossest part was the part about consuming bugs, which happens in different areas and cultures around the world. In fact, bugs are abundant and full of protein so they are an excellent source of food. And you can try them. For a dollar, you'll get a plastic container with a package of flavoured crickets. I was lucky enough to be given a packet to try. I immediately stuffed it in my bag and tried to forget that I was carrying bugs around with me.

IMG_20151021_104143 (Medium)
Eat a bug!
IMG_20151023_100112 (Medium)
Honey mustard crickets.
IMG_20151021_183906 (Medium)
I tried, I really did, but I couldn't bring myself to try a cricket. J and the kids were interested but not willing to try either, so I put it out there in my area's Buy Nothing group and found two volunteers. They came over and cheered each other on and each tried a cricket. They were so positive and convincing that I tried one too!

IMG_20151023_100420 (Medium)
My cricket-eating volunteers.
IMG_20151023_100545 (Medium)
My brave!
The texture was a lot like a chip and it tasted like honey mustard. Not bad. I'm glad I tried it. Bring a loonie when you go to the museum and get some bugs for yourself!

The museum is such a beautiful building and because I was there without kids I had a chance to appreciate it. If you're able, take a look around when you're there.

IMG_20151021_111121 (Medium)
The colourful front doors.

Bugs Outside the Box runs until the end of March. Look at for special programming over the holidays including a 3D film called The Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the media preview for this exhibit but all opinions are my own. As always.


  1. That explains the whole bug eating post! My kids would love this exhibit. I am like you and enjoy my bugs from a distance! Thanks for sharing it looks amazing!

    1. Ah yes! The little teaser I shared! You'll have to let me know what your kids think.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Both my girls love the annual butterfly show at Carleton so I suspect they'd love this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They probably would though there's no interaction with the live bugs unlike the butterfly show.

  3. I agree with you, the sculptures were beautifully created. The details on each one was amazing to see. I'm also glad you enjoyed this exhibit. Thanks again for the invite! I really appreciated it, and it was so great meeting up with you again!