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Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin fun

IMG_20151012_152906 (Medium)
Abby Hill Farms.
I was thinking about writing up a fall bucket list, but realized there were only two things I wanted to do this fall: play in the leaves with the kids and go to a pumpkin patch. That's not much of a list. On Thanksgiving weekend I convinced J it was a great day to go (I was on call but it was beautiful outside) so we crammed into the car (J's cousin was over) and went to Abby Hill Farms, a little farm in a field not far from our house.

IMG_20151012_152751 (Medium)
Pile of pumpkins.
Half the city had the same idea we did and the place was packed, but thankfully the parking lot felt busier than the actual place. There were a lot of people but a lot of space so it was okay.

IMG_20151012_150848 (Medium)
Train ride.
We got bracelets for the kids that let them have a horse ride, a train ride, and a turn on the bouncy castle. The petting zoo was free. We picked out a big pumpkin to carve and the kids each got a little one to decorate. The nice guy also gave us an apple each.

IMG_20151012_150336 (Medium)
Kids on horses.

IMG_20151012_145154 (Medium)
Petting zoo.

IMG_20151012_144659 (Medium)
Kids and pumpkins.

IMG_20151012_153142 (Medium)
Little K insisted on pulling the cart.
We still have to carve the pumpkin and I'm waiting for our big maple tree to drop its leaves so we can play. It's been a good fall so far.

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