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Friday, October 9, 2015

Out with the old. In with the new ~ Things I'm thankful for

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I sat down with the kids this morning and asked them what they were thankful for. They wanted me to go first. Of course I told them one thing: I'm thankful we were able to take out our carpet and put in hardwood. Then I smiled as they told me things they were thankful for, things like stuffies and toys.

Our conversation got me thinking. I have a LOT to be thankful for. So much is good in my life. Today we bought a new dishwasher. It wasn't in the plan, but we have money set aside for emergencies and I consider having to hand wash all my dishes an emergency :) Our brand new dishwasher is here and hooked up thanks to J's mad skills.

IMG_20151009_170412 (Medium)
Brand spanking new dishwasher.
See those drawings on the front? They came from the old dishwasher that, along with springing a leak earlier today, had a wonky system for holding its door. The door was held up using springs and string. String. String! Do you know how heavy a dishwasher door is? It's mega heavy. And I kept forgetting that the damn string broke and would hulk smash it to the floor every time I opened it. The kids so kindly each made a hulk picture to remind me to open the door carefully.

IMG_20151003_193224 (Medium)
Hulk Smash!
Aren't they sweet? I think they were just scared of the loud crash coming from the kitchen multiple times a day.

I'm thankful that J had the day off today and for family outings that involve fancy driving carts so the kids were entertained while we pondered dishwashers.

IMG_20151009_131343 (Medium)
Zoom zoom!

I'm thankful for all the help from J's parents moving furniture this week while J was gone AND I'm thankful the hardwood has been installed upstairs. The stairs aren't done but we've been able to put most everything back to normal upstairs. No more do I have bookcases in my bathroom, J can actually get IN his bathroom, and our living room and basement are slowly being emptied of all the overflow from upstairs. I feel like my life was turned upside down and am so relieved that things are getting back to normal.

Speaking of normal, I'm thankful for my trainer (Musclebound Fitness) for being patient while I completely stop tracking my meals, but for giving me a kick in the butt to get back at it. As of today, I'm back tracking my meals and am planning a workout tomorrow (maybe even tonight).

I'm thankful for my business partners. We're doing big things - we've only been together 6 months and we've had lots of clients, lots of growth, our website is up, we're planning our first comfort measures class, and are steadily renting out the birth pool and TENS machines. We have BIG plans and I'm excited for what's to come.

I'm thankful to be able to give back. I'm donating money from every piece of jewelry I sell this month to The Breast Cancer Society of Canada. You can check out this post for more info or go to my FB page.

What are you thankful for?

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