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Friday, October 23, 2015

... hello hardwood

We are SO happy with the newly installed hardwood floors. We took out the carpet and had hardwood put in on the second floor and the stairs. Upstairs, our bedrooms including closets and the hallway are now hardwood. It's a little echo-y up there, but with everything put back together, it's like we always had hardwood.

Stairs are a big deal. They link one floor to another, which is definitely something we take for granted, but when you can't use them regularly you really start to appreciate them. That was me for over a week.

IMG_20151015_085843 (Medium)
The skeleton stairs.
Mo (the guy from DUROwood Flooring who's been doing all the work) started on the stairs the day after Thanksgiving. It was loud while he hammered away chunks of wood that made the skeleton of the stairs under the carpet. He had to handcraft the stairs so there was a lot of in and out while he measured inside and cut wood in the garage.

IMG_20151013_112710 (Medium)
Taking the railing off.

IMG_20151019_113742 (Medium)
Getting there!
The railing was off for just over a week and wasn't a problem for us. We even got used to how the stairs looked without the railing, but now that it's back, I think it looks great.

IMG_20151019_175002 (Medium)
Brand new, hand-crafted stairs.
All in all, this was the timeline:

One week before install: Clearing out the upstairs rooms and removing carpet
Day 1: Removing railing, installing nosing, replacing railing
Days 2-4: Installing hardwood on second floor (3 bedrooms + closets, hallway, and landing). Moving furniture as we went.
Days 5-8: Off. A lot of reorganizing happened on day 5.
Days 9-12: Installing hardwood on the stairs.
Days 13&14: The weekend
Days 15&16: Putting the railing back up and finishing everything up.

IMG_20151023_121004 (Medium)
The view from the main floor.

IMG_20151023_121033 (Medium)
The view from above.
It's been almost a week and there are still things to do. We have to reinstall the closet door tracks in the kids rooms, paint the exposed edges of quarter round, vacuum up all the sawdust coating every surface in the house (the worst being in the big windows along the stairs).

IMG_20151023_121013 (Medium)
Aren't they pretty?
Mo will be back to fix up the floor in our living room from where we removed the fireplace (and if I ever get around to writing up that project I'll link to it here) but for now we're enjoying the new floors and I'm enjoying having the house to myself during the day.

Going from carpet to hardwood is a big job and was, for us, about 3 weeks of having our house in a constant state of chaos. It was worth it - we love our new floors. If you're in Ottawa, check out DUROwood Flooring for hardwood.


  1. It looks amazing! Very, very inspirational. I have to say I am impressed at how fast it all happened - huge upheaval, but at least it was only a week. Now the wheels are churning...:)