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Monday, October 19, 2015

Goodbye carpet...

That's right: we took out the carpet on the stairs and the second floor of our house. The only carpet remaining is in the basement, waiting for another infusion of cash so we can rip it out and put in some sort of laminate down there.

We've been talking for over a year about replacing the carpets and knew we wanted hardwood. This time last year we got a couple of quotes but put it on the back burner and kind of forgot about it... until now.

It was finally time! We decided to get another quote and I'm glad we did because we found DUROwood Flooring, the company we chose to work with. We're not done yet but I feel like I can give you a good round up of the planning and beginning stages of what it takes to go from carpet to hardwood in 1/3 of your house, but more like 1/2 of your living space.

Prepare for chaos, that's Step 1.

Step 2 is to remove all the carpet. Taking the carpet out of an entire floor of your house is a BIG job. We have three bedrooms, each with a closet, a hallway, and a staircase. We knew we'd have to take a lot of stuff out of our rooms - clothes, toys, books - and move small furniture to make things easier. The problem with that is we have limited space to put it all.

The week before work was to start, I was really busy with events, interviews and prenatal visits, so ripping out the carpet fell to J. I was able to move stuff during the day - the kids books moved into the bathroom, lots of toys went to the basement and living room, the master bathroom got filled with random stuff.
IMG_20151002_170141 (Medium)
Working in Little J's room - like father, like son.

IMG_20151003_134618 (Medium)
J and the kids hard at work.

IMG_20151003_140412 (Medium)
Hunting staples.

IMG_20151001_164550 (Medium)
The closet.

IMG_20151001_170123 (Medium)
Little K on vacuum duty.

J worked almost every evening with the kids taking out the carpet and underpad. They worked out a system where J would use the knife and crowbar and the kids would go along afterwards with pliers removing staples and then Little K would vacuum. I got to see them in action.. man, it's nice that the kids are getting older. I couldn't imagine having to do all this with younger kids.

IMG_20151004_192948 (Medium)
Plywood floors.

IMG_20151004_192936 (Medium)
No more carpet.

J left the stairs to last and managed to get all the carpet off with his dad's help, but it took most of a day. Apparently there were a ton of staples holding the carpet down. By Sunday evening, all the carpet was out. Good thing too because work was set to begin Monday morning.

Step 3: Plans change. Mo the floor guy called to say that the hardwood wouldn't be ready until Thursday but that he'd call and try to get them to rush it. I was just imagining my house in the state of chaos for almost a week longer than planned.

IMG_20151005_135551 (Medium)
New nosing.

Step 4: Plans change again. Now the wood could be ready Tuesday. Mo was over Monday to take off the railing, install the nosing, and put the railing back on. It took him all day. I wanted to be around so I convinced my business partners to have our weekly meeting here and we talked over all the noise. Good times.

IMG_20151006_133052 (Medium)
Outside chaos.

Tuesday was the big day - the wood was ready so Mo got to work putting it in. But before he could do that we had to empty our the kids' rooms. J's work chose Tuesday and Wednesday to send him out of town but his parents were around so right after I got the kids on the bus, they were over helping me move furniture. The kids' rooms were emptied out and my room was packed full.

Step 5: Install the hardwood.

IMG_20151006_105544 (Medium)
Little J's room.

IMG_20151006_105538 (Medium)
Little K's room.

IMG_20151006_093920 (Medium)
My room.

IMG_20151007_135814 (Medium)

The kids' rooms and a bit of the hallway were finished on Tuesday. Tuesday evening we got their beds back in their rooms and got my room mostly emptied. It was good that J was gone because he wouldn't have been able to use his bathroom.

IMG_20151006_093907 (Medium)
That's a bathroom.

IMG_20151006_203318 (Medium)
Little K's new floor!

IMG_20151006_203310 (Medium)
Little J's new floor!

Wednesday, Mo got the rest of the hallway done and moved into my room.

IMG_20151007_162953 (Medium)
Sparkly and new.

The biggest issue was my bed. It's a queen but super heavy. We managed to get felt feet on it and move it onto the new hardwood, leaving just enough room for Mo to work on the rest of my room.

IMG_20151007_163644 (Medium)
Gleaming hardwood.

He finished that on Thursday along with the closets and the landing on the stairs. Thursday and Friday we put my room back together and emptied out the bathrooms. Things were slowly getting back to normal.

IMG_20151008_162728 (Medium)
My room all done.
So that was week 1. Recap: hardwood was installed in the entire upstairs including three bedrooms and the hallway, and almost everything was put back to normal. Next up: the stairs!

IMG_20151008_085231 (Medium)
Big ol pile of carpet and underpad ready to be picked up.
We've been enjoying the new floors and not once have I questioned our decision to take out the carpets. Sure it's been dusty and loud and chaotic, but it's going to be so worth it. Already it's a big difference upstairs and soon the stairs will be done and everything will be put back where it belongs. I can't wait!

Read on for part 2....


  1. First of all: shots of your kids hard at work: ADORABLE.

    Second of all: I have like, a million questions, like:
    * where did you all sleep while the furniture was piled up in your room?
    * how was the dust - like, could you leave stuff hanging in closets, or would it have been covered with sawdust?
    * I assume this was pre-finished hardwood? So it could just be nailed in and then done? And was your subfloor good enough, or did they have to lay a new one?
    * I am SUPER impressed with J for taking out the carpet on his own - that is a huge, back breaking job. Did you do that just to save money, or was it not offered by the installation company?
    * I am also SUPER impressed with you for moving all that furniture around. Again, could you have had the company do this for you? Or was it on you to take care of it?

    Can't wait to hear all about the stairs!

    1. You're hilarious, Lynn!
      - we managed to move furniture around and were always able to sleep in our own rooms. The kids rooms got done in a day so it was in and out the same day with their furniture. I slept in my room two nights with just the bed and my lamp and clock.
      - Prefinished hardwood so it was quick to install. The sub floor was just fine. We bought the house brand new in 2007.
      - We chose to take out the carpeting to save money. I'm not sure about the furniture though...we don't have space to fully empty out all the rooms at the same time.

      The railing is being installed now!