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Monday, September 21, 2015

Valleyview and the Summer of Awesome

To cap off our Summer of Awesome we met up with friends at Valleyview Little Animal Farm on a super hot day. It was a game-day decision and I'm so glad we went. It was a scorching day and we came close to running out of water. The kids LOVE the playground there; the animals were an afterthought.

I'm going to leave you with pictures from our day.

IMG_20150901_110258 (Medium)
The stinky goats.

IMG_20150901_110851 (Medium)
Wooden tractor.

IMG_20150901_110951 (Medium)
She loved the wee goats in this area.

IMG_20150901_111213 (Medium)

IMG_20150901_111743 (Medium)
Huge tractor with a slide.

IMG_20150901_115249 (Medium)
Sideways tire swing.

IMG_20150901_125104 (Medium)
Singing chickens.

IMG_20150901_130041 (Medium)
Climbing a big metal cow.

IMG_20150901_130408 (Medium)
Sleepy llamas.

IMG_20150901_131122 (Medium)

IMG_20150901_135611 (Medium)
Great spot for kids.

Our Summer of Awesome was jam packed! Here's a recap:

And other things we did that I didn't post about: 

  • camp out in the backyard
  • bring the kids to see J play baseball and me play baseball
  • go to the beach
  • Little Ray's
  • Skyzone - J took the kids
  • Kids Kingdom - We went twice and I'll never go back. What a nightmare.
  • IKEA - We went but it was over 2 hours to get in!
  • autocross - We went a few times over the summer.. always a good time!

  • We had an incredibly fun and busy summer! 


    1. I love Valleyview too! I'm sad my kids have kind of aged out of it. But I am totally curious - what happened at Kids' Kingdom?? I know you like to keep it positive on the blog but I wrote about them once for SavvyMom so now I'm dying to know what went wrong.

      1. I'm going to write something up about that disaster.. don't worry!