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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The circus under the big tent

IMG_20150807_151757 (Medium)
Little J and K in front of the big top.
It's the weekend and I had some time to sit down and write. I'm almost done catching you up on our summer of awesome, promise. This day we went to the circus!

IMG_20150807_152637 (Medium)
What's a circus without popcorn and snocones?
Now you might not agree with the circus.. that the animals are kept and used to entertain people, and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it either. I've watched documentaries on elephants but I still went to the circus. It's something I think about and if you have any strong feelings against the circus, click away. It's okay.

IMG_20150807_160304 (Medium)
The ringmaster opening the show.
My favourite parts are actual the human stunts. Sure the elephants and horses are incredible to watch, especially this little horse following his mama. Little K was in love!

IMG_20150807_161458 (Medium)
Baby horse.
But I love watching humans do incredible things even more. The tightrope walkers were incredible. They are a family unit and really know how to play to the audience.

IMG_20150807_164825 (Medium)
Trapeze artists are incredibly strong and I was wondering about them playing to the audience too when these two missed a catch and the one guy fell to the net. You always applaud bigger when they get it after missing like that.

IMG_20150807_173617 (Medium)
High flyers.
The elephants though are so majestic. They're enormous and so wrinkly up close.

IMG_20150807_175124 (Medium)
Incredible elephants.
Spiderman made an appearance hanging way up high dazzling Little J.

IMG_20150807_175519 (Medium)
Does whatever a spider can!
The circus ended with this huge metal sphere. Inside were three motorcycles whizzing around a woman standing in the middle. It was loud and awesome.

IMG_20150807_180433 (Medium)
Much more impressive in person.
This was the first time we've been able to stay for the entire circus and I was glad to see all the stunts. What are your thoughts on the circus? Have you been? Would you take your kids?

Disclaimer: I was provided tickets for me and my family for the circus. Opinions as always are my own.

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  1. I don't think I'm supportive of circuses. Just read a great book called "Love in the Elephant Tent" and it kind of solidified my thoughts on the matter. But I agree that the human acts are the best - I think as a society it would be great to transition over to human-only circuses and leave the animals be. I have the same conflicting feelings on zoos too :) So complicated! But it looks like the kiddos loved it!