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Friday, September 4, 2015

Qixels and Shopkins OH MY!

September and back to school time is actually birthday season too as both my boys have September birthdays. (And I might just start thinking about Christmas gifts this time of year but don't tell anyone.) I have two toys that I have to tell you about.

You've probably heard of Perler beads or will at least recognize them from my description: beads that you arrange into a design on a pegboard and then iron so that they stick together. I think every kid made at least one of these growing up. We have some kits from the dollar store and a huge tub of beads from IKEA.

IMG_20150825_144133 (Medium)
Build a pixelated world with Qixels.
Well, Qixels is kinda like those but better! Qixels are square beads and the idea is the same: you make designs with them. The genius thing is that they set with water. I could not be happier about not having to pull out my iron for a kid activity. The kids can make Qixels designs on their own, from start to finish, and Little J especially loves this and has made so many designs since we got the kits.

IMG_20150825_152006 (Medium)
Little J making a ninja.

IMG_20150825_151952 (Medium)
Little K chose a dinosaur to start with.
The plasticy-paper design templates include some fun shapes or you can choose the blank one and make your own design. We started off copying some designs from the box.

IMG_20150825_154616 (Medium)
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I was sent both the Design Creator and the Turbo Dryer kits. They both come with beads, templates, and a water sprayer. The dryer is not necessary but a fun extra that speeds up the process and makes the kids happy.

IMG_20150826_090459 (Medium)
After spinning your design, you wait for about 20 minutes for it to dry (it didn't always take that long because we always spun it for longer than the suggested 30 seconds). And then you peel your design off the template and you're done!

Little J was super speedy and made a ninja and someone to battle the ninja, a viking and a spaceship, a cute blue guy and a sword. He's also made a ship before we went on our Pirate Adventure (more on that in a future post!) and a soap box car before going to that last weekend. 

IMG_20150828_091904 (Medium)
Little J's creations.
It took Little K a bit longer to place all the beads (she's 4.5) but she had fun creating a dinosaur, a dragon, and a boy she calls Wyatt.

IMG_20150828_091950 (Medium)
Little K's creations.
This is truly a toy I'm happy to own. Now I just need to find where in town I can buy just the beads because we are definitely running low!


Next up are Shopkins! If you have a little girl (and I'm generalizing here) and you haven't heard of Shopkins then you are out of the loop. Shopkins are these cute little grocery store items. They each have a name and they come in collections or you can get a few at a time. There are accessories and a website where you can track all the Shopkins you own. A local toy store even has trade-in events where you can bring in your duplicates and get ones you don't have. It's serious business.

I was lucky to be sent three different kits: A Season 3 set of 5 with bags, the Shopping Cart, and the Food Fair set. The kids decided that Little K would get the first two and Little J could have the food fair.

IMG_20150825_144242 (Medium)
Season 3 has green shopping bags.
IMG_20150825_144225 (Medium)
The cart can hold 60 Shopkins!
IMG_20150825_144213 (Medium)
Food Fair inculdes the Kooky Kitchen.
Both kids, but Little K especially, love to collect things and put their things inside of other things. Shopkins are satisfying for these reasons: they are small, there are so many of them, and they come with their own shopping bags. It's fun to see what the kids come up with when playing with their Shopkins and the only rule we have is that they don't leave the house because they are so small and easy to loose.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review, but was not required to write up this post. A big thank you to Imports Dragon for making fun toys and for you for reading.

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  1. The toys look so much fun. I'm sure my niece would love to play with the Qixels. He loves creating things like that. I will definitely check that out for him. Thanks for sharing!