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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Puppet's Up

Time is flying by! Can you believe it's September and school is starting and where did summer go? Bear with me while I write up some posts to cover what we did during the last month of our Summer of Awesome. We had a long list and did so much.. too much for me to keep up with blogging about it apparently!

IMG_20150808_123040 (Medium)
Isn't Almonte beautiful?

So earlier in August we hit the road and went to Almonte for Puppet's Up!, the international puppet festival. Last year was our first time and we enjoyed it so I had high hopes for this year as well.

IMG_20150808_121537 (Medium)
Old buildings in downtown Almonte.

Almonte is a beautiful little town and the energy and crowds bring it to life the way only a fun, summer festival can. We soaked up the atmosphere and had a good time wandering the main street taking in the sights. The kids did a fun craft - Little J made an angry bird and Little K made a flamingo. The craft tent was enormous and such a hit with the kids.

IMG_20150808_114105 (Medium)
Little J and Little K with their crafts (and check out the mounties in the background!)

After checking out the schedule we went to see our first pick, but couldn't get in. It was much busier than last year. So we walked to the other end of the main street and caught the last half of Buster Canfield and His Amazing Fleas.

IMG_20150808_131836 (Medium)
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We learned our lesson so we scouted out a spot to watch the parade close to the show we really wanted to see. The parade is always fun.. music and all the puppets and puppeteers.

IMG_20150808_134128 (Medium)
Hot in the sun, but the alleyway behind the kids was our route to the next show.

IMG_20150808_140043 (Medium)
Huge dragon.

As soon as the parade was done we ran over to the tent so we could see the Animal Adventure show and I'm glad we did - it was great. The kids recently signed up to be Earth Rangers so puppets talking about being good to the environment was a big hit with them. They recite lines from the show to this day!

IMG_20150808_142919 (Medium)
Sitting in the front row because we were the first ones there.

It seems like the festival is enjoying great success and growing every year. If the organizers read this I hope they take into consideration my suggestion: have shorter shows more often. The kids' attention spans weren't quite long enough and if there are more shows hopefully the lineups won't be as crazy. That, and post somewhere about the ticket system. There were times we'd show up and get in line for a show only to find out a while later that we couldn't get in because we didn't have tickets. But we had wristbands... It was confusing.

Either way, it was a nice day and I'm sure we'll be back next year. Did you get out to the puppet festival this summer?

Disclaimer: I was given two day passes to check out the festival in exchange for writing about it. These are my words.

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