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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pirate Adventures Ottawa

IMG_20150828_141956 (Medium)
The Grey Ghost at the Rideau Canoe Club.
In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, let's talk about pirates! Did you know that Ottawa has it's very own pirate ship with a full crew of pirates? Well we do!

IMG_20150828_123831 (Medium)
Pirate Adventures Ottawa.
Pirate Adventures sails out of Mooney's Bay and takes you on a dramatic sail down the Rideau River. You will be entertained and amused by the crew after you are pirate-d up. Everyone who sails is given a pirate name (Little K's was "K the Kraken"), pirate clothing and face paint.

IMG_20150828_125438 (Medium)
The kids in their pirate gear.
IMG_20150828_130121 (Medium)
No one gets on without a mustache.
Little J also wore a Qixel necklace he made just for the occasion. You better believe he got some very positive comments on it.

IMG_20150828_114602 (Medium)
Pirate ship Qixel necklace.
I wasn't sure what to expect but was amazed at the details on the ship, and just how elaborate everything was. There was a fun story the kept everyone entertained, puzzles to solve, and treasure maps to find. It was so fun noting how it was all done knowing the kids were completely caught up in the magic of it. The three crew members on the ship worked seamlessly together and threw in some colourful commentary for the adults.

IMG_20150828_132954 (Medium)
Learning about pirates.
IMG_20150828_134443 (Medium)
The treasure map.
Little K was being a bit quiet, but Little J was SO into it! He was having a great time and playing along with everything. What brought Little K out of her shell were the water cannons they got to fire off the side of the ship. Oh, that reminds me: you will get wet. Not drenched, but there was definitely water splashing around.

IMG_20150828_135209 (Medium)
IMG_20150828_135437 (Medium)
Little K carefully aiming her water cannon.
After collecting their two pieces of treasure, everyone got to walk around the deck and limbo under a pirate sword.

IMG_20150828_141047 (Medium)
Limbo limbo limbo!
We went weeks ago and the kids still talk about our pirate adventure. I highly recommend setting sail aboard the Grey Ghost and lucky for you they sail every weekend until October 3rd. They recommend you call and reserve your spot because sailings will be cancelled without enough reservations. Go by yourself or in a group - they can accommodate up to 43 people - or host your kid's birthday party there!

IMG_20150828_141807 (Medium)
The Grey Ghost of Pirate Adventures Ottawa.

Disclaimer: I was given passes for myself and the kids in order to check out Pirate Adventures. The review was not required and all opinions are my own. We truly did have a great time and I hope you'll check them out!

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