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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Little K's first day of JK!

IMG_20150910_083136 (Medium)
My proud little girl.

Today. Today! The day I've been waiting for: both kids are in school! It's not forever because Little K is home with me again tomorrow, but it's a whole day, and I'm happy to report that there were no tears at drop off today. Well, none from her. Or me. Definitely some little ones crying and definitely some weepy parents, but not us!

I wish I could say our morning went smoothly but that would be a lie. It was a mad rush trying to get everything ready. Remember this is my first time packing two lunches and trying to figure out what Little K meant by a "turkey sandwich with no bread" wasn't a walk in the park, but we got it figured out, got everyone dressed, took the necessary First Day of School picture and hopped on our bikes.

IMG_20150910_083254 (Medium)
Leaf bag photo bomb.
We made it about a third of the way there when I remembered her crown. All kindergarten kids made crowns when they went in for their interviews and were supposed to wear them this morning so that everyone was easily identified. Great plan... when you remember your crown.

IMG_20150910_083314 (Medium)
Little J wanted his picture taken too.
Back home we went and on the way Little K scratched her leg with her pedal and lost it. Lots of tears. We made it home, I grabbed her crown, and off we went. Again. This time we made it all the way to school.
IMG_20150910_083518 (Medium)
We are "walkers".
We locked up the bikes and went to Little J's door. It felt so strange leaving him there but with 3 minutes until the bell we really needed to get to the front of the school where the JK yard is. Little K and I made it and thankfully her teacher was right at the gate and grabbed her hand and her bag (her bag's a little big for her) and after a clingy moment, she walked off with him.

There were crowds of kids wearing 4 different coloured crowns, each being led by a teacher and an ECE. Little K's class was closest to the door so I couldn't see her, but I could see the pile of yellow crowns. I chatted with a friend and another mom, glad that my child wasn't one of the ones crying. We went through that at preschool drop off and I know how much it sucks.

I rushed home to get to a meeting (without kids the National Capital Doulas will be so productive!) and then back home to get ready for my dentist appointment. Cap off my first day by myself with some grocery shopping and you'd be right thinking that I really don't know how to celebrate my new found freedom.

The day flew by and all of a sudden my alarm went off and I headed back to school. I was so excited to collect my little girl, to hear about her day. She seemed happy to see me but tired. We waited for Little J (more confusion about where he gets out) and the kids played at the playground for a bit before we went home.

Little tidbits about her day came out during the evening. We learned that she danced to two songs, that she had recess and quiet time, that she ate all her food. She said she made two friends but can't remember their names. It's all very cute.

Tomorrow is really our last day together. I was already scolded for not getting the kids indoor shoes so that's on our to-do list. Other than that I'm not sure. Mama-Little K day. It'll be fun.

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  1. Aw, I'm so happy it's going well. But question: what *is* a turkey sandwich without bread?