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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Little J's superhero birthday party

We had quite the weekend and yes, I know it's already Wednesday. I also had an eventful beginning of the week so bear with me. This weekend we had Little J's birthday party. It was so excited to have his friends over.

Little K and I spent some time gathering supplies and putting up decorations and we ended up with a festive house and a happy boy. I wasn't so happy when I woke up Saturday morning to rain. Rain rain rain. My plan of throwing the kids in the backyard like we normally do was out.

IMG_20150912_154716 (Medium)
Some of the decorations.
Little J decided on a superhero theme. I'm all for themes, but terrible at actually pulling them off. I tend to stick with a few colours and hope people can use their imaginations. I pin things but hardly follow through. This party was a bit of an exception. I managed to do two (TWO!) things I saw on Pinterest. I put together a fruit-and-marshmallow platter like Captain America's shield.. just imagine that's a star in the middle.

IMG_20150912_114735 (Medium)
Captain America fruit.
And set up the kids to make a superhero shield out of frisbees. I didn't go crazy with this.. each kid got a white circle to decorate that got glued to the frisbee that had a duct tape handle on it. I've never had a craft at a party before and was glad to have something to pass the time since there was no running around outside.

IMG_20150912_110111 (Medium)
Shield making.
IMG_20150912_111724 (Medium)
Superheros and shields.
IMG_20150912_154751 (Medium)
Little J's shield.

Now picture my little townhouse full of kids using their shields as weapons. It was a little crazy. Lots of reminders that shields are not weapons.

Little J is really into THINGS and couldn't wait for his presents so we didn't make him wait. He got some really cool toys

IMG_20150912_112011 (Medium)

IMG_20150912_112506 (Medium)
Smart friends knew Little J loved Connect 4!

Then it was time for lunch - super easy hotdogs and chips and juice boxes - and cupcakes. Little J loved that the cupcakes spelled out Happy BDay and happily blew out his candle.

IMG_20150912_122908 (Medium)
Birthday boy.

IMG_20150912_122121 (Medium)
Birthday cupcakes.

IMG_20150912_123214 (Medium)

With everyone hopped up on sugar and nowhere to go it got loud. Everyone seemed to have a good time but you could tell by the end of it that the kids just wanted to sit.

IMG_20150912_124236 (Medium)
Full house.
With everyone gone, and all the new lego built, we plunked down in front of the tv to relax. Superhero party done! A big thank you to everyone who helped (friends who brought more paper for the craft, friends who helped clean during and after the party, and wipe dirty faces).

IMG_20150912_154807 (Medium)
Pirate Lego fun.

IMG_20150912_085105 (Medium)
The kids kept their shields plus got a little loot bag.

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