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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Little J's First Day of School

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Little J started Grade 1 today and it was his birthday. Tell me that's not a big day! He was so excited last night that he couldn't sleep and stayed up way too late. You know what happens when you do that? You fall asleep at your desk in front of all your new classmates. Oops.

IMG_20150908_083323 (Medium)
He loves his new backpack.

He was pretty excited for school but nervous too. He was worried he wouldn't know a lot of kids in his class. I told him not to be silly, that he would know lots of kids, most of them! I was wrong.

IMG_20150908_083515 (Medium)
Biking to the school is the new bussing.

J was off today so the 4 of us had breakfast together which never happens. We got Little J's lunch packed and got on our bikes. The school yard was chaotic, parents and kids everywhere, and this was with designated areas for each grade. I can't imagine what it was like in past years. We couldn't find Little J's teacher but that's because she was in another location collecting her grade 2 students - he's in a split class with only 6 other grade 1 kids. He only knew 2 kids.

IMG_20150908_154555 (Medium)
My boys on the way home.

To break up the day I took Little K to Walmart to get some tights for ballet that she's been begging for forever and in not too long it was time to go get the birthday boy. There was some confusion but we found him and he was all smiles. He chattered all the way home and made funny comments about being so tired, having a sore hand from holding a pencil all day.

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But he wasn't too tired to be excited for presents. For his birthday we let him decide what to do tonight and he decided he was too tired to go to karate, that he wanted chicken dinner (St. Hubert), and to eat the cupcakes we couldn't bring to school today. Done! Add in some Lego building (Little K got him a Minecraft set) in his new Iron Man costume and you've got yourself a great little boy birthday.

IMG_20150908_183023 (Medium)
5 birthday cupcakes.

My little man. Happy birthday!

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