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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Little J at 6

IMG_20150920_093132 (Medium)
He loves his bear!

My little man is getting so big! Little J is really into superheroes (the theme for his birthday party) and Skylanders. He couldn't wait for the new Skylanders game to come out. He's always asking for "quiet time" which essentially means tv time. He fights with his sister over who gets the remote, but they can usually agree on a show. Speaking of the remote.. both kids are fully capable of navigating with the remote, which I find amazing.

Little J is a good little guy. He can be really sensitive and we talk a lot about different emotions and how words can hurt people. I have to constantly remind him to be nice to his sister and to not use karate moves outside the dojo.

The kid climbs everything and is still doing karate. He just started Grade 1.

Little J can read and he can even tell what you're saying when you spell out a word, which has left us without a good way of talking in front of him when we don't want him to know what we're saying. It's exciting having the world of books and signs open up to him and we're still surprised when he reads something out loud that he's seen.

Eating is still a bit of a struggle. The boy really likes carbs, but is picky. Over the summer we found that he'll eat almost anything if it's put in a wrap and he loves hot sauce. His favourite is Fire Kitty and he'll often say "Meow that's hot!" when he takes a bite. We're working on getting him to eat more vegetables, but it's a slow process.

Little J has lost almost all of his cute words (spinsent for basement, upspy-down for upside down). He learned a whole lot of French in school last year and is always asking what this word is in French and that word. J and I are often stumped, having learned French as kids but not using it regularly since. 

So my little man fell asleep at his desk on his first day of school BUT he isn't a napper. He was just so excited that he didn't fall asleep until 11 pm the night before. Typically he sleeps from 9 or 10 pm until 7 am or so. Some days he's up earlier but the rule is that he has to stay in his room until 7. He has an alarm clock for that reason.

Little J just hit 40 pounds and was so excited because he's big enough for a booster seat. Not that we have one or are planning on getting him one when he still fits in his car seat until 65 pounds. He's average height and wearing size 5T and 6T. His new shoes are a size 1.

Little J at 5

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