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Friday, September 11, 2015

Focus on ME

It's Friday and the last day of the first week of school. I've spent a lot of time this week going to and from school, getting lunches ready, getting ready out the door, signing papers, and thinking/worrying about my two little friends. Today, I want to talk about me. You'll see why in a sec.

This is a quote from Sophie, the trainer at Muscle Bound Fitness: I often hear women (mothers, usually) tell me they don't have TIME for their own goals. They can't commit to taking the necessary steps to make their exercise or diet a priority, because they're too busy with their kids (sports, activities, etc) and their husband (she is home with the kids while he's out playing hockey 2x/week).

When you don't present yourself as a priority, you'll never be one. YOU are the only one who can stand up for your needs and wants. If you want for someone else to put you first, you'll be waiting your entire life. In the end, you're the only one who loses.


This really spoke to me. See, until recently I was one of those women, those mothers, who really didn't have time for herself. I spent most of my time on my kids, whether it was with them (I took a 5 year leave from my job so I could stay home with them), doing things for them, or thinking about them.

In April a girl I used to play ball with emailed me asking if I'd like to play on her team. Without knowing pretty much anything about the team or the level of play, I signed up. It had been 6 years since I had been on the ball diamond. That decision was the beginning.

We started in May, playing games once a week at one of two local diamonds. I really lucked out and the team was full of nice women and the level of play was decent (not as good as I was playing before kids, but good that I felt challenged). I looked forward to my game every week and made good friends.

Les Femmes Fatales.
Last week we lost in the semi finals 18-17 so our season is done but I'm back. Playing this summer sparked something in me, something that has been dormant since having kids.

After signing up for ball I also signed up for the 60 day challenge in an attempt to learn how to eat better and exercise. I challenged myself to spend time on myself, to make myself better, both inside and out. I am a better person for focusing on myself.

That quote up there is so true: put yourself first because no one else will. And when we focus on ourselves we have more to give to our children. My baseball season is done, but I've signed up for karate figuring my Thursday nights can still be for me, and I am still doing challenge workouts (HIIT workouts) in the basement after the kids have gone to bed 3 times a week.

I know it's easy to forget about yourself, to get lost in motherhood. Don't. Do whatever you can to remember who you are and what you like to do. Try new things, get out of the house... you won't regret it.I only regret that it took me so long to get back to something I love.


  1. Sometimes I think I'm not lost in motherhood, but in LIFE. A busy job that I don't really like, but forced to do, and taking extra work on the side just because of money. And then the constant stress of home life - trying to make decent food, walking the dog, making sure the house if not falling apart. It all feels like a bit much. I keep waiting for a time when things feel calmer, but I'm not sure that will come!!

    1. I totally get it. Life feels like a race, but to what? Why are we all moving so fast?

  2. So true! It's very hard though to think of time for yourself if you've got a lot of things going on, but you're so right. You always have to find time for yourself to do what you love. Thank you for this inspiring post.