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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


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Fall 2012.

Not only am I back from Toronto, but I'm in the middle of my busiest work week yet! Monday night we had an event, I have prenatals three evenings this week and an interview, and an event all day Sunday. It's a good busy, but I'm definitely wanting a lazy night at home.

Last night was the craziest of all and I know this might be what a lot of your weeknights look like if you have multiple kids in multiple activities, but it's not normal for us. We've limited the kids to one activity (not as a family rule that everyone is aware of, but more that's how it's worked out so far) and this fall the kids' activities (karate for Little J and dance for Little K) are both on Tuesday. It's great - they're literally next door to each other and almost at the same time. It's a bit crazy eating early and getting them there, but then it's over.

Last night Little J was invited to bring-a-friend night at Beavers. A lot of his friends go to Beavers and he really wants to go. We don't really want him to go, but figured one night would be fine. Thankfully we had J's mom come over because I had to get to work. J had to stay because of all the extra kids and he said that it was pure chaos. Of course Little J LOVED it! Little K was sad she couldn't go but she was in bed before the boys got home so there's that.

That was too much for us. We like eating together and having time to give the kids a bath, play some games, go outside for a bit, or read a bunch of books. The rest of the week is looking normal except all of my stuff. At least J and the kids will have regular evenings.

Since I'm so busy I'm going to leave you with a Currently post. This is what I've been up to, briefly. I'll write more later on my training in Toronto and the event from Monday.

Yesterday I finished a birthy book (I try to read one every month or so because there are SO many and it's good to know what to recommend to clients). Last night I picked up a parenting book called The Intuitive Parent. It's a book I was sent so I'm interested to see what it's like and if I would recommend it, but more on that when I get through it!

I haven't had much time for tv, but I have squeezed in the latest episodes of Modern Family and Brooklyn 99 (whooo fall tv!) I'm excited that Dancing With the Stars is back and can't wait for Grey's and some other ones that I can't think of right now. What shows are you excited for?

Like I said, I'm mega busy these days. It's awesome! And I have more time during the day to get work done, which is good because it seems like there are so many little things that need to get done RIGHT NOW! and lots of things that take a lot of concentration (too much for when kids are home). Plus there are lots of getting out and seeing people (meetings, events, prenatals).. though not a lot of births lately (my 2 in September were pretty great!)

My baseball season ended early September and I was debating what I should do this fall. I signed up for a trial karate class and did the first one. It was good, but I'm not sure about it. I'll do the second trial class and then think about it. There was also a potential hockey team but they play Tuesday nights and I just couldn't do that (karate, dance AND hockey? Nope.) Then I thought about maybe trying a dance class but I don't know where to start. We'll see!

My thoughts are consumed by work stuff these days with a bit of school stuff and family stuff thrown in. Maybe I should do some yoga and turn off my mind.

We hired a company to put hardwood in on our stairs and all upstairs. I am SO EXCITED! Our carpets need to go so J and I are going to rip them out so the hardwood installation can start Monday. The house is going to be chaotic but hopefully not for long. And the kids are pumped to camp out in the basement for a night while the stair railings are off. I'm hoping to use the chaos to go through the stuff in the kids rooms but I know we're going to take everything out and put it right back in. Oh well.

Fall. The cool weather. The fact that my jeans almost all fit - no more baggy capris! Mulled apple tea in the evenings. Sweaters. I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm not all gaga over pumpkin spice everything and I prefer to get my apples from the grocery store instead of picking them myself, but I still like fall. We'll rake up all the leaves and watch the kids jump in them like we do every year and we'll start thinking about Halloween costumes. It's fun. I just realized I should make a fall bucket list....

What's new with you? Tell me one fun thing you love about fall.

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  1. I want to hear EVERYTHING about the floor replacement! This is something we have been thinking about doing in our house for a while now but I'm terrified of a) the cost and b) the disruption - where on earth would we put everything? Some big questions - does having the stairs done mean you need to replace the railing, or do they work around it, or do they take it off and then put it back on? And where the heck are you going to put all your furniture? And how long did it take?

    As for fall - this is my favourite season. Cute jackets and scarves, few (if any) bugs, pleasant afternoons with gorgeous sunlight, plus my birthday. All good!

    1. Oh the floor! I will definitely be writing it up after. The plan right now is to remove the carpet from the stairs and upstairs (hallways, three bedrooms including closets). The railing has to come off, but will hopefully be off for just one day. We'll be shuffling furniture around because we can't take it all out (beds, dressers, my desk). We'll see how it goes!