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Monday, August 24, 2015

Park days of summer

IMG_20150804_153130 (Medium)

Summertime is perfect for spending time at parks. Here are some recent pictures of Little J and Little K enjoying themselves at parks near us.

Spiderweb park - both kids were much better at climbing the web this year.

IMG_20150806_151553 (Medium)

Walter Upton (or something) Park - Big area right on the river. Not many tire swings around anymore. I learned that the kids love them until the don't and then they almost puke.

IMG_20150805_105008 (Medium)
Tire swings are fun until they aren't anymore.

IMG_20150805_110127 (Medium)
Monkey Little J - he made it all the way across.

IMG_20150805_110522 (Medium)
Saying hi to the ducks.

Our little park - These two fight a lot and we've spent a lot of time just the three of us this summer, but these pictures kill me. Love them.

IMG_20150804_153050 (Medium)
Going around and around.
IMG_20150804_151645 (Medium)
Screaming with delight.
Love her face!

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