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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our day at Burnstown Beach and Calabogie Track

J has been racing the car for a few years now and was delighted when he was asked to be an instructor at a novice day at the track. It meant he got to teach half the time and use the track in the Miata the other half. It also meant a trip to the track for me and the kids.

But first a stop at Burnstown Beach. This beach has super soft sand and warm water and the tallest play structure around! Because it's an hour away and we had to be at the track at 12pm we didn't have a lot of time, but the kids got the play at the park and we all went in the water. We even met up with our new friends there, but after not too long we were back in the car heading to the track.

IMG_20150809_105856 (Medium)
Super tall play structure at Burnstown Beach.
IMG_20150809_105748 (Medium)
IMG_20150809_111854 (Medium)
Standing on a rock.
I don't know the details exactly, but this wasn't a regular day the track. Half of the track was being used for the novice drivers (where J was teaching) and at noon the other half was being used for a parade lap. For $5 we were able to drive on the track. A parade lap is one where a whole bunch of cars go out at the same time and there is no passing. I think we hit 100km/h only on the straights, the rest of the time was between 50 and 70km/h.

IMG_20150809_123707 (Medium)
Excited for our laps around the track.
IMG_20150809_124654 (Medium)
Ready to go!
In past years, J has been with us and he's driven, but he was busy so I got to drive. It was so much fun! I loved being able to take the corners sharp enough that the kids squealed in the back seat. We had a good time.

We met up with our friends again and ate lunch and the kids got their faces painted. We didn't spend too long watching the cars, but long enough that we were all super tired by the time we left. I think Little K passed out not even 5 minutes into the drive home, but Little J chatted away, keeping me awake and alert the whole time.

IMG_20150809_140914 (Medium)
A dragon and Hello Kitty.

IMG_20150809_141823 (Medium)
Watching racing with our new friend, Z.
I can see this being something we do every year. J certainly loves racing and loved being an instructor and we like being at the track.

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