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Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun in Manotick: A Taste of Manotick and the Soap Box Derby

Manotick isn't where we live but it isn't very far away and they have some really fun events in the summer months. Two of them are A Taste of Manotick, where the main street is closed to cars and businesses offer samples, and the Soap Box Derby.

At A Taste of Manotick there are lots of things to see and do. Every year the kids get to explore a firetruck while we chat with the volunteer firefighters.

IMG_20150815_163810 (Medium)
Little J and Little K checking out the back of the fire truck.

IMG_20150815_164114 (Medium)
Little J in the driver's seat.

They also got a balloon, did a craft, wandered around the big toy store, tried some food, and watched some dancing. J picked up some new hot sauces from Chili Chillies.

IMG_20150815_173220 (Medium)
I think next year maybe J and I will make this a date night and snag a spot on one of the patios where we can eat, drink, and watch the crowds. The whole day has such a friendly vibe, but we didn't stay too long this year.

The Soap Box Derby is more of a kids event held in the park near the arena. A hilly street is blocked off and soap box cars race from the top to the bottom. This year we talked a lot about how in two years Little J will be old enough to race. Then we saw the double cars so maybe Little J will drive while Little K goes along for the ride - who knows!

IMG_20150830_132721 (Medium)
Watching the soap box cars.
We grabbed pizza to eat on a bench before playing at the park, doing a craft and getting the kids faces painted.

IMG_20150830_115055 (Medium)
Exploring the park.

IMG_20150830_121125 (Medium)
J overseeing the soap box car craft.

IMG_20150830_123050 (Medium)
My little butterfly.

IMG_20150830_122751 (Medium)
Little J's Ninja Turtle.
The weather was absolutely perfect and it was nice to be out and about. Our summer adventures continue!

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