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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cottaging with my family

Our summer of awesome continues....

IMG_20150729_184053 (Medium)

Two weeks ago I did something I've never done before: I hit the road with the kids and left J at home by himself for three days. Having just spent a couple of days at home by myself  while the fam stayed at the cottage, I knew what he was in for... lots of love from Sandy the cat, a weirdly, empty house, and a lack of schedule that finds you eating dinner hours later than usual because there were no kids to feed.

I, on the other hand, had two kids to feed and the struggle of doing it without our usual surroundings and my co-parent. Good thing I had my family around. We were at a cottage on Stoney Lake, which isn't far from Peterborough, with my brother and his wife, S&M, and my parents. My brother rented the cottage for a week and was hosting friends and family throughout the week.

Stoney Lake is huge, but the cottage we were at was on a smaller bay that was quite shallow and WEEDY. The water was warm but I couldn't shake the ick feeling of all those slimy weeds tickling my toes. The kids went in again with my brother who convinced them that "sea grass" was soft and squishy and really quite lovely. He had them giggling and loving the weeds by the end of it.

IMG_20150729_111555 (Medium)
Photo evidence that I was in the water with the kids.
IMG_20150728_161144 (Medium)
Paddle boat ride with S&M.
IMG_20150729_095603 (Medium)
Little J fishing.
IMG_20150729_132532 (Medium)
Paddle boards with S&M.
Other than swimming, the kids spent a lot of time at the play structure. On his way from the structure to the beach, Little J was stung by something. The screams. I ran over and scooped him up and brought him in the cottage. I put some after bite on his sting, put a bandaid overtop since it was so close to his eye, and held him while he iced his face. Then we watched over the next few days while his eye swelled almost shut. Poor guy has a bad track record for getting stung.

IMG_20150728_135205 (Medium)
Playing at the "park".
IMG_20150729_082155 (Medium)
Eye watch, day 1.
IMG_20150730_114819 (Medium)
Eye watch, day 2.
Other wildlife close encounters were a ton of friendly ducks and geese, a cute little hummingbird, a weasel chasing the ducks, and baby raccoons! Four little raccoons came out from underneath the cottage at dusk. We threw chunks of hotdog buns at them and watched as they ate. They'd fight over pieces, growling at each other.

IMG_20150728_201609 (Medium)
Baby raccoons!
We had a fire each night after dinner and then I put the kids to bed on the top bunk and waited until they fell asleep so I could crawl into the bottom bunk. It was cozy.

IMG_20150728_203509 (Medium)
Beautiful sunset.
IMG_20150728_231438 (Medium)
Two sleeping trucks.
We were treated to some amazing sunsets and if it weren't for the mosquitoes and horse flies it would have been absolutely perfect.

IMG_20150729_210952 (Medium)

IMG_20150728_211523 (Medium)
Soon enough it was time to head back home. I put the kids to work helping pack up the car and we were off.
IMG_20150730_103120 (Medium)
Saying bye to the ducks.

I'm just now getting through the pictures and am off to edit some more because I have more adventures to tell you about! 

IMG_20150729_202605 (Medium)
Until next time, Stoney Lake!

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