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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Calypso: Canada's Biggest Themed Waterpark

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Our summer of awesome is rolling right along. Today we're off to Puppet's Up, the international puppet festival, and yesterday we saw the elephants. I love all this excitement, but I also love sitting on the couch with my cat, watching a good dancing show. It's all about balance, but back to the excitement.

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Calypso. Calypso is a huge waterpark just outside of Ottawa and was recently named one of the top 20 waterparks in the world! Last year was our first time and I got to see the whole thing including some behind-the-scene things, which was really interesting. This time I left my phone locked up and had a blast with my family. The pictures you see I took on our way out.

From last year we knew where the kids area was so we headed there right after stuffing our things in a locker and dousing ourselves with sunscreen. We brought our own life jackets for the kids and they wore them the whole time we were at the park. We played in the kid's area (Zoo Lagoon) before branching out and exploring other parts of the park.

We tried the wave pool but neither kid was fond of the waves and just wanted to go back to the kid's area. Right next to it is a bigger kids' area with a huge bucket that splashes everyone (Pirate's Aquaplay). J and Little J explored for a bit but Little K wasn't interested in getting water in her face. I can imagine the kids both loving this in a couple of years.

IMG_20150727_134616 (Medium)
The big bucket dumping water on everyone!
Calypso has two lazy rivers - a big, loud, splashy one and a calmer, slower one. We went on the calm one first (Jungle Run) and everyone had a good time so we thought we'd try the big one (Kongo Expedition). Big mistake! Little K, who was on my lap, didn't like being sprayed and especially didn't like the dark section with the loud noises. She was quite happy to play at the beach area (no sand, but a gradual slope with waves coming from the lazy river) and asked to go back again before we left for the day.

We stopped mid day for lunch and made sure to drink lots of lemonade and water even though we didn't feel hungry or thirsty. It was nice to have a little break and a perfect time to slather on more sunscreen, but our break didn't last long because the slides were calling us.

Both kids were tall enough to go on some of the slides and we convinced Little K to try one called Turbulence and up we climbed, probably about 5 stories, carrying a big floaty thing. She was a trooper and maybe a little scared but her and I flung ourselves on the floaty and whooped while we sped down the slide. She loved it and wanted to go again and again. The lineup wasn't very long so we did. J and Little J were in the same line up but did Blackout instead.

IMG_20150727_140958 (Medium)
Turbulence is the green slide.
Little K and I went up and came down and went up came down and went up and --- uh oh, she doesn't want to go down. Nothing I said could convince her to go down the slide. So we walked down with everyone bumping into us on the way up, our feet burning by the time we got to the bottom. I still don't understand what went through her little head and why we couldn't go down the slide that time, because we went back and did it again a few times a bit later.

IMG_20150727_141422 (Medium)
My boys heading towards the next adventure.
We ended our day with a bit more time in the kids areas and by the time we got back to our car the parking lot was full! It was so much fun that Little K and I both fell asleep on the drive home and she had a hard time getting enough energy for dance class that night.

IMG_20150727_142321 (Medium)
Me and my girl enjoying the waves.
Things you should know if you go:

- the water temperature is kept constant and the park is open even during thunderstorms (nobody is allowed in the water if there's lightning and you won't get a refund)
- there are lots of picnic tables and spots to sit and you can bring your own food in
- there are also restaurants
- parking is $8
- renting a locker is $7
- life jacket rentals are free

We take our summer fun very seriously and I'm glad that we got to cross going to Calypso off our Summer of Awesome list!

Disclaimer: I was given passes to Calypso, parking and lunch. Thank you to Calypso for the fun day and thank you all for reading along :)

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