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Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend at the cottage

IMG_20150705_162249 (Medium)
Cottage life.
We just spent the weekend at the cottage - the first of the year! The weather was beautiful: warm and mostly sunny during the day, but cool overnight. I left the fam up there to come home for some things (picking up a rental car, seeing some clients) and I'll be heading back. Gotta make the best of this gorgeous weather!

I've said it before, but things certainly do get easier as the kids get bigger. We didn't have to use the roof-top box on the car because we didn't need to bring any eating chairs with us, or a potty, or a nursing pillow. Just some clothes and food really. The other perk was Saturday morning when they kids woke up, they got out of bed and went and read books to each other until they could no longer ignore their rumbling stomachs. Next step: show them where the cereal and milk are kept!

IMG_20150704_073154 (Medium)
Reading to each other.
Some things stay at the cottage. The kids were happy when they found their goggles and wore them pretty much the whole weekend. I'm not complaining!

IMG_20150704_085139 (Medium)
Cute goggles!
We did all the usual cottage things - played at the beach, played on the swing out back, built sandcastles, went for boat rides, swam - but there were a few firsts too. The biggest thing being we put hooks on the kids' fishing poles and Little J caught his first fish! Then J caught one with Little K's rod (so she "caught" her first fish) and Little J caught another and another. The third one was from the boat that was tied to the dock and Little K exclaimed to her brother: "I'm SO proud of you!" It was adorbs.

IMG_20150704_111635 (Medium)
Swinging and climbing.

IMG_20150704_133642 (Medium)
Fishing off the dock.

IMG_20150704_160409 (Medium)
Going for their first swim.

IMG_20150705_105333 (Medium)
Have you seen a bigger smile?

IMG_20150705_115808 (Medium)
Little K wasn't so thrilled.

IMG_20150705_142715 (Medium)
Playing at the beach.

IMG_20150705_161251 (Medium)
Fishing with my little man.

At one point Little K came out of the water and started freaking out about the sand on her feet.. or so I thought. I looked - just sand. "No mama! There's an animal!" she screams. She had a little leach between her toes. Thankfully we had salt nearby and she was back in the water in no time.

Saturday night we had a fire complete with smores. All that fresh air sure tires you out so we were in bed early both nights.

IMG_20150704_193933 (Medium)
Tuckered kiddos.
I'm in town all by myself and feeling strange being alone in the house. Other than the stuff I already accomplished today and a meeting tomorrow morning I'm free. Who knows what I will get up to! (Really, I'm going to be writing and reading and doing laundry. Maaaaybe I'll return a shirt to Costco.)


  1. Your cottage looks gorgeous! I feel like I had a mini vacation just reading this :). Looks like it's going to be an amazing summer!

  2. Looks like all of you had a wonderful time. Your cottage looks awesome.Your kids are absolutely adorable with those goggles.