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Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding fun

IMG_20150711_162528 (Medium)

Our summer adventures continued last week with a family wedding in a small town north of Toronto. My cousin Rebecca married her guy in his parent's backyard. It was a small wedding and blistering hot, but we had fun!

IMG_20150711_153244 (Medium)
The happy couple.

IMG_20150711_153829 (Medium)
Pink and white - great colours.

Rebecca had the genius idea to get a little golf game for the kids - my two and my other cousin's little L. They loved hitting the balls and racing around after them.

IMG_20150711_164303 (Medium)
Kids golf.

IMG_20150711_165343 (Medium)
Family shot.

That and she got the kids all a colouring book. It was perfect for keeping them entertained and quiet during speeches.

IMG_20150711_170848 (Medium)
Little J colouring his castles.

IMG_20150711_183115 (Medium)
Little K got princesses.

And something you don't always find at a wedding: rats! Rebecca and Nick have two rats and we got to pet them. They are actually quite cuddly and not gross and disgusting.

IMG_20150711_191904 (Medium)
Little K meeting a rat.

IMG_20150711_191943 (Medium)
J wanted this guy in his pocket, but it didn't happen.

There were speeches and dinner and then the music started. It wasn't quite the dance party that SJ's wedding was, but we still danced a lot. Enough to tire out the kids completely and back at the hotel they fell asleep quickly.

IMG_20150711_224435 (Medium)
Sleeping babies.

While Rebecca and Nick head off on their honeymoon, camping their way across the north-eastern states, we were packing up and heading back to Ottawa. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed.

Have you been to any weddings this summer? That's our last one this year.

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