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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summertime at the cottage

When life gets busy, blogging takes a back seat. I've been busy doing fun things and now I have to document them all. This has definitely been an amazing summer so far!

IMG_20150710_095916 (Medium)

It was a good two weeks ago now that we were at the cottage. We went for the weekend and stayed for the week! Love when things like that work out. I have a bit of a break, coming home Sunday night - Tuesday afternoon, to take care of some work things. It was strange being home by myself, but a nice break too.

What was my favourite: seeing my babies after 2 days away. They were happy to see me and told me all about their adventures. It's so nice knowing they had a good time while I was gone. They're old enough to miss me but deal with it. Phew! I did get showered with presents when I arrived:

IMG_20150708_150700 (Medium)
A flower from Little J.

IMG_20150710_095822 (Medium)
And a yellow one from Little K.
The kids are growing to love the cottage and are much more comfortable there this year. And as they get older it gets easier. It's so nice knowing they're making memories at the cottage the same way J did when he was a kid.
IMG_20150709_102001 (Medium)
J and the kids in the canoe.
IMG_20150708_150927 (Medium)
J and Little J on the windsurfer.
IMG_20150708_150006 (Medium)
J and Little J.
There was a lot of swimming, playing on the beach, and more fishing!

IMG_20150708_135945 (Medium)
Showing us they can swim around the boat by themselves.

IMG_20150708_135805 (Medium)
Little J getting ready to jump.

IMG_20150708_133405 (Medium)
J doing some lazy fishing.

IMG_20150708_133041 (Medium)
Me and my baby girl on the boat.

IMG_20150709_150148 (Medium)
Prrof that I get in the lake too.
We always try and get out just the four of us.

IMG_20150709_143106 (Medium)
A canoe trip down the creek looking for turtles.
We tried out a magic powder to make a colourful fire. There are some green flames if you look closely.

IMG_20150709_192321 (Medium)
Green fire. It's there, honest!
And just because, I love this picture of Little J, J and Papa.

IMG_20150708_143430 (Medium)
The J's.
One day was rainy so we pulled out some board games. This is an ancient version of trouble. I lost.

IMG_20150707_190859 (Medium)
Board games.
Can't wait to get back out there, though next time we're bringing friends with us. Should be fun!

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